what's up guys it keeps the productivity

here guys today guys i will show you

guys three ways to unblock games and

websites on your school Chromebook

I'd like almost I'm using a school

Chromebook in Psych a lots of website

you want to play or get on is Block C so

let's just show you guys so all the way

mask forces right but guess what

when site don't block it so you go to it

well whatever you do wait and go through

link then you don't wanna press nothing

press control you

then this will show then you wanna press

ctrl-a then press ctrl C then get out of


no you don't get out via press tab go to

H T right here this like link would be a

description and then it will pop up then

you wanna press then press control V

there and then you just want to pull

this up

I like bored of it let me if you want


dad I guess you could keep it and then

just to show you guys it works I succeed

see here's my sources probably my next

one you'll be a bass voice gameplay but

said some like short let's do with what

sighs I just of now this way is very

easy but I don't really like it because

it's like I already like it I just don't

know why

so don't think is the desk if to press

the first one

enter that so you guys that see it's a

crap it's blocked and like all these

other stuff a block so that I'm not

going to Instagram because I try that

before and like I said not all websites

will work so then you want to go you

have to show you guys it's blocked again

see it over this name tied again

this one assist

and yeah it there's a big internet this

is why I don't like it it's checks so

yourself yeah and that's all you need

so so the first thing we'll do go to

another block website I'm going to do


see Bekasi is they don't want to let go

they will press don't go all the way to

the full website copy the reader down

here and don't stop it wait Oh triple


control see get it then go to google


yes Spanish to press control V then

press to Z and there you go so that is

three of game and website and wooden boy

a video how to unblock YouTube videos so

all right so all right so YouTube it's

not like I'm Mike repeat it's not block

maybe you're just maybe those three ways

for free and feel um


in sports - sports yes so it's gonna pop

up see ya

so you want to press no but with full

screen then just wait and you can mouse

on this just wait for it to light there

you go

you need to do it so yeah that is three

little boys website then I'll blockages

videos hoping like that just click every

single link that day will be in the

description and yeah like my videos and