How to Unblock Sites at School (Access Blocked Sites) 🔐

hello I'm Renny and welcome to VPN

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picture this you're in school working on

an assignment about black holes and the

struggle is real your palms are sweaty

knees weak arms are heavy you never

understood that quantum you decide

to look for a video explanation on

YouTube those typically help you then

suddenly you're terrified you want to

run but but can't you're paralyzed

you've never seen anything so horrifying

in your entire life

your school has blocked YouTube arguably

one of the most educational sites duh

but also just YouTube I mean it's

basically a life necessity at this point

in desperate need of help from your

friends but also you just want a

you quickly type Facebook into your

browser damn and then Instagram no only

to find that those sites are blocked

- why but then you start to think I mean

there's obviously no shortage of

questionable content on the Internet it

makes sense that schools want to block

some sites

the problem is school internet filters

also mistakenly block content that

students should be able to access like

YouTube which is information and what I

asked you is education without

information you guys you get all

panicked about finishing the assignment

in time until you find I just wonder how

you got here cuz YouTube is supposed to

be blocked for you unless you're late to

class or or you're on your phone let me

know in the comments anyway I'm here to

tell you chill dude

this is an easy fix it's called a VPN

aka Virtual Private Network get one and

you'll get access to all the information

you need whether on a school computer or

on a personal computer connected to your

school's Wi-Fi but friends please

be responsible I don't want to have to

tell your mom that her genius child

genius cuz you're using a VPN is

checking out questionable on the

interwebs at school come now and while

you may be a genius for deciding to use

a VPN you definitely don't need to be

one to actually use one so how do you

use a VPN to unblock websites at your

school well first things first get a VPN

many of them offer free trial periods

and/or money-back guarantees so I highly

recommend making good use of that to

explore your options see the links

provided in the description below I

really like Nord VPN it's the top-ranked

VPN on our site VPN mentor where we have

reviewed over 300 VPNs on the market

yeah we know our stuff it's affordable

and easy to use making it ideal for

first-timers and keep in mind that once

you do decide to purchase the longer the

plan the more value for your money right

now if you commit to Nord for a

long-term package you'll pick just a few

dollars a month that's more snap

bingeing money for all those late nights

at the library you'll welcome

second download and install your chosen

VPN if you go with Nord you'll love its

user-friendly interface and simple map

display that is if you're human

I don't know click this box third

depending on what you're trying to

access choose a server nearby or a

server in a different country a local

server is enough to reach your home

drive and servers in other countries

will help you reach all kinds of sites

including a bonus Netflix you know for

all its super educational documents and

nothing more when you're at school and

finally your school may be smart it may

be preventing access to VPN sites and

with it the download of certain file

types but guess what we may be smarter

cuz we can watch YouTube here sorry the

truth can hurt all you got to do is

install a VPN on your personal phone

tablet or laptop instead of on a school

computer that way you can still access

sites at school using its Wi-Fi and Nord

VPN has apps for both Android and iOS

just sayin the important thing is to

download your VPN app before getting to

school but if you have it and you're

ready at school well then it's over

you're done you can't do it just kidding

but you've probably reached this block

page or something that looks like it

instead of your VPNs website here's how

to bypass the block disconnect from your

school's Wi-Fi use your phone

to create a personal hotspot and

download your VPN using your phone's

mobile internet after installing the app

press Quick Connect and you'll be

connected to the closest server if you

want to connect to the fastest server

scroll down the list of servers and when

you're at your country of choice press

on the three-dot menu and select fastest

otherwise pack those book bags and try

your luck at home brethren if you want

to buy a VPN plan make sure you check

our coupon page to get a better deal on

your purchase link in the video

description below and if you want to

know more about any VPN provider head to

our review page there's lots of info

there as well as expert reviews and

up-to-date ratings so that you can

compare VPNs and a virtual VPN

competition download the winner while

unblocking sites at your school is


there are tons more reasons to get a VPN

doing a semester abroad a VPN will make

sure you don't miss a thing happening at

home good VPNs have airtight

military-grade security ensuring a

hundred percent privacy so no one can

spy on you and plant ads for baby

everywhere online based on a single

conversation you had at a party about a

hypothetical Nord VPN offers easy access

to all the content you want and need

even from your schools close network up

class dismissed

come on get out of here guys your next

class is waiting but oh wait before you

go what's a black hole