how to unblock stuff on a school chroomboke

here's welcome back to another video

today I'll be showing you how to get

into unblocked website blocked websites

on your Chromebook I'm very mad because

I just did this video and I accidentally

closed my camera which turns it off so

now I have to restart so here's the

video so here I'm gonna do this here so

this is a school Chromebook I don't know

how to prove it like it's these

Chromebooks are like their school

Chromebooks I'm in fifth grade get this

up here here's the Chromebook case

I mean I'm covering this up because I

don't want to show you what my school is

so he yeah

all right so what you're gonna do so

there's this game called D flat if you

know if you know it then I knew wanna

play on a school Chromebook sometimes

this is how Saudi fly it's a really fun

game i stretch playing it dot io t fly

dot IO I search it up and it's blocked

gray screen go up here blocked blocked

so I start off doing this at school just

do it maybe at your house warning

because control up the press control age

there I'll show you cuz I gotta show you

the rap website name

this is what you do you type in D and I

like any website that's blocked do you

fly dot i/o so I type that in

now I suggest using a comma but you can

use anything search it up I'm on their

website my pest control and then I can

do it control you what sir and you'll

view of their sources if you don't know

that trick control you is what you're

gonna do you press control can control a

highlights all of it then control-c

copies it you want to open a new tab

sorry on opening you can not type in our

e al t IM e are real time real not not

timer real time EP i ter I was putting

spaces I about that so it's real time

just typing that real time editor and

click on this website real time HTML

editor so we're gonna click on that so

we're in the web site I'll show you this

screen with a bunch of stuff you're

gonna go to the end of it then you press

control mmm control beep that pieces the

whole entire source that you copied you

want to go down here you want it up you

wanna press like here this is the screen

it's not no fake you go down here and

press of that and then you're on so I

can't I can't really I gotta do is just

to him I don't know if you can see the

screen but you can scroll up that if you

tap on it and drag it up I don't know if

you saw that it is Drake up so you can

only see you love it and it's literally

define and it's perfect you can play it

it's lost the dirty fly video I think

Friday probably gonna do that because I

can't do it on my mom cuz I really bad

internet it's like it really sucks it's

like very bad see okay so that's one way

that ways the best the other way it's

not really back of the voice so I'm

gonna close all my tabs rewind the video

at any point if you don't get how to do

this okay if you're this is only for

people who have chromium M for their

school what is I forgot which one it is

it's either it's goguardian and yeah it

just goguardian not so go garnet and

even you have that this is how you do it

so you gotta press search

I'm pretty sure this search xscape you

guys search let's get it brings up this

far so you want to find chromium m if I

can spot chromium M tap on it and then

tap on goguardian license what is this

tap on it this you gotta do this really

quick y'all like three seconds and

process quickly go up here type in

anything like D Y dot IO enter all right

I have I didn't do this in enough time

yeah I don't know if you can see like

that but we're gonna do this so I have

more time so it's this Way's really hard

search escape that's what you're gonna

do you uh and the process of that and

the process of that yeah two things that

have wait okay no you only end the

process on goguardian right yeah all

right and process is gonna be off there

and you got really and then it's back if

you can do this very fast you can type

and stop very fast i this is thomas see

if i can get it this is my last try

because it's not even that good of a

thing and process

come here is ended yeah d why I already

messed it up

see this is how I'll do it end the

process so the goguardian which is that

that will go away but I'm pretty sure in

three seconds it will come back so you

got three seconds to look up whatever

you want then when you on the website

you want to keep pressing this button to

start it so it's not the best way but it

is away so yeah those are those are two

ways to get on block drop sites on a

school Chromebook see you guys in my

next video

peace out