How to unblock everything on a school chromebook

it's gonna goes back in another video

and today I'm gonna be showing you how

to like everything on a school

Chromebook if you're at home the one

blocks on or because Sonic wants to do

with the school Wi-Fi but if you're at

home they should just bypass the sonic

walk but if you're at school and at home

and you want to stop let's say you want

to play a guard I okay you see it's

blocked okay yeah there's a bypass

button well we don't be using that today

okay so right now what you want to do is

you want to go over you look like that

thing you want to go to settings now it

should pop this pop-up it says your

school is managed by like our your

Chromebook is managed by the school so

then you want to go to sync click

everything I'm gonna turn everything off

okay now you can repeat this process

over and over and over again and if it

doesn't work okay you want to put

something of your own doesn't work then

you can just spit something random and

if it doesn't work then and you can do

it over again so when it does all that

then you should be good to go so what

you want to do is you want to click the

restart button you don't click the power

button and it should bring it back to

the login page and you will log into

your account again and once you sign in

everything should be good and you should

have everything that everything sounds

tired so you should have you have

everything on block and if it doesn't

work then you can do it over again

and eventually it should work now the

school can figure out a way to stop it

if they do that I will definitely make

another video

and if I'm okay so um we should

subscribe like yeah bye