How to get pass blocked websites on school computers (easy)

three two one what is going on YouTube

is your skin besotted wanna burn your

bitch's life let me se you guys can see

from the title I will show you how to

take it on blocked websites like this is

my school computer and they have a lot

of all the websites blocked and I'm

gonna show you how to get on it this is

a Chromebook so it's really easy to do

so first thing you guys are going to do

is a good to Google Chrome okay now type

in a website that is blocks so mine this

website it is it's live TV so if you

want to watch say the symptoms then we

just click right here and then it should

be blocked yeah so it's blocked so what

you're going to want to do is you're

guys are just going to want to copy the

link so hold it and then just copy it

then ctrl C okay the next step is open a

new tab and type in Google Translate

okay once you guys have done that click

on the first link right here and what I

did after before I whatever I had this

website I ended up bookmarking it maybe

I don't have a book market click on the

star it shouldn't be glowing

but uh if it is then look around here

and yeah so one more time to see this is

the same website that's right here the

live TV and if you look is blocked

alright so now you're gonna so your

thing should be set as english as

translate and you guys are going to want

to make sure you put that french okay

then you guys are going to put control

be me right there


so ctrl-v and then the link should pop

up and we look to the right it'll be a

rear now make sure one more time that

it's in French not English because if

it's in English it won't work

French goes in French then we go over

here and we click on here we go here it


and let's say we want to watch like

American Dad

well it load all right you guys go and

then one more time I would try and open

up this link it does not work it was

very cool and you guys enjoys videos

quick the hell out of that like button

and YouTube will say a [ __ ] line up