How to Unblock Websites on a School Computer in 2020

hey everybody quick tie here and today

I'm showing you how to unblock a games

social media and practically any website

that you want on your school computer

because most of the time they install an

extension like this securely for

Chromebooks that is my blocking system

but it can be practically anything so

I'm showing me three simple but very

very effective methods to do this

nothing complicated no downloads it's

all straight in your browser so first

off we're gonna be going to the Chrome

extension page so the famous my school

the walks the Chrome extensions page as

you can see the things blocked but if I

go on my personal account you can see

that I have a load of different

extensions so there are three buttons

details move in this weird on-off thing

so remove if you really want to do this

I do not recommend it as you'll get

busted super quickly it'll prompt you

and you can remove details tells you

like version size stuff like that

when third thing turns on and off so

look up here look at this ad blocker I'm

going to turn it off it's gone and he

got replaced by this and this moved in

so that basically turns on and off and

on and off and on and off so say if I

could do this on my school account and

use and turn it off I can access any

website second way so if you're like me

this is the most effective way so I put

the link in the description for this


it's basically an IP address lookup so

type in the website you want for me

YouTube let's do you do copy it copy the

IP address the string of numbers and

periods so the I every domain name like

youtube.com Google comp connects to one

of these numbers so enter in the number

and you'll be left to the website so I'm

watching Google because YouTube is owned

by Google and they're running the same

servers that's just a one-time thing so

yeah I can do practically any website I

want with this so only problem is is

that if I go to the Google it'll replace

it with Google calm so if it's a website

that you as the teachers will block like

let's just say happy wheels calm that is

an act isn't actually an IP name that

isn't the real IP name but let's say

happy wheels calm it will keep it like

this it'll keep it the IP address but a

lot of times if I go to yahoo.com good


here's a bunch of more stuff for some


Oh probably because it's run on multiple

servers yeah you might encounter at that

just copy any of them any of them will

do copy it up

sometimes that'll happen which you can

if I P address will stay but yeah

sometimes it turns it into this domain

and that it's not good so final method

I'll be showing you today is quite

simple it requires no skill at all so

let's say I want to access the urban

dictionary so I go to the urban

dictionary so okay you see the link you

see the big text then you see the green

link there's a green arrow to the right

of the top of the link click you should

see this and then click on that you'll

be led to this this is Google's snapshot

of the page that was last updated one

day ago believe it or not and you can

see practically anything you want

so only promise that you cannot actually

do anything with the website if you

click on any links to any more patients

see this it this thing will change to

arbitrary calm so you can't click on

anything um also work with other

browsers so if I want to access an urban


see well it's not exactly the same but

you get the point

and then it's like the same exact thing

you get the point some websites are

updated more than other websites like

this one if I go to the very top

116 this is today so this so Bing or

Yahoo or whatever is updated more than

Google so three ways I so there are many

different ways to do it if I found like

a gamebreaking way I will upload a whole

nother video telling you guys about that

and how to use it but anyway thanks for

watching guys have nice day