IMEI Blocking / Unlocked & Locked Lost/Stolen Phones Explained (GSM, iPhones, Samsungs, LGs, etc.)

hello internets um its koku again okay

so I made this video before but I feel

like I've gotten so many emails and

inboxes about it that I need to simplify

things a little bit more so and

especially with this new channel we're

just gonna make a new video anyway there

are two different things here one is

called IMEI blocking and one is phone

unlocking when you have an unlocked

phone basically the phone will take a

SIM card you can pop a SIM card in from

any you know any GSM carrier so whether

you're traveling internationally or in

the States if you're using AT&T or

t-mobile you can just pop that SIM card

in which is your phone number

and use that phone there's something

else now called IMEI blocking so I am

the eye blocking every phone has its own

unique address so there is a address on

this particular phone that is unique to

this phone that no other phone has it's

it's that it's almost like a fingerprint

let's say but then it's not you know

it's like almost but not but you get me

as phones have gotten more and more


there have been measures put in place

now to deter people from theft of others

and also just basically getting over on

the network so for instance my cellular

phone let's say I lose it somewhere

right if I lose the phone and I contact

my carrier and tell them that the phone

is lost they will have the IMEI blocked

that means that that phone can no longer

be used on my carrier for certain and

now this registry is nationwide so it

can't be used on AT&T either it's

basically just a brick this is not so

much of a problem if you have a note -

like I do I guess you could probably

just use it as a tablet and you probably

can make do but if you have like an

iPhone 4 or 5 and someone breaks your

phone I mean you're gonna be salting

because there's nothing you could do

with that no-one's going to carry around

something so small just to use it for

like Wi-Fi that's ridiculous

if you purchase a phone from someone a

third party make sure that you know if

the IMEI is blocked and know that

there's a difference between an

unblocked IMEI a block IMEI and unlocked

phone and a lock phone unlocked phones

that's not a big deal you know you can

get a phone unlocked you know you can

pay somebody to do it you can do it

yourself whatever the case may be it can

be done as far as blocked IMEI the only

way that IMEI can be unblocked is the

original owner of that

oan has to contact the network and tell

them that that phone has been found but

if that person has made an insurance

claim on that phone because they lost it

and gave it to their homie then they're

going to block themselves from equipment

protection so it's like you know you

just got it in this case there's no

winning anymore there's no more of this

let me use your insurance claim -

they're gonna block the phones anyway

now so you're gonna have no phone at all

well if you walk into a carrier they're

not going to compensate the phone and

you know arrest you or anything like

that you're basically in possession of

stolen property so you know take that

how you want to and you know I don't

know you and I don't judge you but I'm

just saying it's money gave me a stolen

phone and I'll be salty I really really

hope that you didn't find this video

because somebody screws you over and if

you did I'm really really sorry that's

horrible I feel bad about it but you

learn something new every day and you

know that was a phone it could have been

something even more so look at the

bright side