welcome to unblock my samsung calm today

we are showing you in it and I mean I

appear on a a 2:05 you so basically he

was dying the I on the phone if you go

to your dad on a GSM phone has to be GSM

press star pound zero six pound that

will show you the IMEI to the phone

Mei and his phone ends with two one four


this phone is from Boost Mobile oddly

enough and it was a reported lost or

stolen so what we're going to do is

change the IMEI on his phone so star

pound zero six pound will show you the

IMEI as you'll see the serial number SN

ends in zero h w okay Amy ID basically

means that it belongs to sprint or Boost

Mobile which is pretty much the same

network and things are gonna change

actually and another week or so because

Sprint is merging with t-mobile and

Boost Mobile is gonna be bought out by a

satellite place can't think of the name

offhand so anyway here's the phone

there's the model number a 2:05 you IMEI

is in two one for one so what we're

gonna do is repair the phone

so this phone will be allowed to be used

on GSM carriers after the repair is done

you could whine the video at any point

if there's anything you don't understand

I don't believe so forth and so on

if you're watching other videos and

reading other information online I'm

just gonna let you know now no yeah I

mean I can't get blacklisted down the

road no if you factory reset it you're

gonna lose your IMEI this is a 100%

permanent solution that will work for

the whole life of the phone what we do

is we offer you a lifetime warranty for

our work so any point of owning the

phone if the IMEI goes bad then we will

do it for free guaranteed you would talk

to a real person you won't talk to any

chatbox you won't have to know any

technical information this is for people

that don't know anything about computers

that's what flashy phones is here for

the website is unblocked my samsung comm

and as well for be not a lot but unblock

my samsung comm

so we're in the process of reading and

writing all information and once that's

done it will be done our base bands are

supported pretty much if it's a samsung

we do it when you go to the website if

you click on an IMEI repair tab scroll

down and find your model number we

usually put our flagship phones there if

you can't find your phone there on the

upper right hand corner of this this of

the website there's a search bar and

what you can do is type in your model

number and see if it pops up if you

don't find your phone on our website

then just simply give us a call and

we'll have a real person yes any

so as you see right before your very

eyes you will see that I mean I changed

that's the emblem for Boost Mobile there

now we'll be able to be used on any GSM

carrier t-mobile AT&T quickly Ultra

Mobile simple mobile straight talk so

forth and so on

and millions of them

so I'm gonna do star pound zero six

pound and as you see the IMEI is in

seven seven three zero same serial

number 0hw now this phone is fully

unlocked and it has a new IMEI so now if

you want to get your phone done

go to the website unblock my samsung

comm just type it in your internet use

the search bar on the right right upper

hand corner or look through the list on

the IMEI repair tab and you can get your

phone all done remote this is all done

from computer to computer again the

website is unblocked my samsung calm and

remember we're real people with real

solutions no chat boxes thank you