AutoCAD Explode Blocks that are Un-explodable, Locked, can't be Exploded

in this basic tutorial this time I'm

going to show you how to explode a block

that has been locked when it was created

so you can't explode it so here I have a

block of a couch now if I select that

you can see that it's a block that's got

the one group up there now if I press X

for explode and then spacebar or Enter

it'll ask me again to select an object

so I'll select the object and if you

look down the bottom here it says cannot

explode that block that's because when

you create a block it's possible to lock

the block if I just create a polyline

here I'll show you what I mean if I

press the B command to create a block

and click on select object ok let's

enter again if you'll notice over here

it says allow exploding if that's ticked

we're allowed to explode the block but

if that block is created with that

unticked we can't exploit the block so

I'll just call this test for a moment so

we can see I'll click ok so create our

block now if I click again explode and

again I can't I can't explode that block

so what we'll do is we'll go back to our

couch now let's select our couch and

we'll right-click to bring up a menu now

we'll left-click on block editor so now

we're in the block editor what we need

to do here is we need to have the

properties window open so we can do that

two ways one way is to select one of the

objects there right click and go down to

properties so we bring up our properties

window here on the Left I'll close that

and I'll show you the other way the

other way is just to type the word

properties at the command prompt and

that also brings up the properties we

know so whatever you prefer I find it

easier just to click an object and then

right click it and click on properties

ok so now we've done that make sure you

press escape a few times so we're not

selecting any objects no objects

selected at all

now we go over to our properties window

and we drag down the slider on the

left-hand side and we come down the

bottom to see the word block category

and we go down here you'll see allow

exploding and it says no so we left

click on the no and then we click on yes

that will allow us to explode the block

now so we now we can close the block

editor so you should be able to just

click on close block editor and I'll ask

you to save the changes which you want

to do so left click and we're back in

our AutoCAD model space now if I select

that block again you can see that it's

still a block but this time if I click X

for explode now click the couch you can

see it's now broken it all into the

different lines that we use to create it

originally so that's a simple way to

make an unexploited will block

explodable again I hope you found this

tutorial helpful if you have any

questions please leave them in the

comments thanks