phones here to show you another video

this is a phone here that someone sent

in because they didn't have a computer

and they wanted unlock this galaxy s7

sprint and they wanted a lot for GSM if

you do have a bad IMEI what you can do

though is get your phone unlocked and it

will work on ITT and AT&T networks

possibly t-mobile most likely not but

you can use the phone on AT&T networks

if you have a galaxy s7 bad IMEI once

you get it unlocked for the GSM side so

this is the phone it just came in and

I'm just gonna show you that the phone

is not a lot take it out of this cover

here Wow cinnamon crack so galaxy s7

edge sprint now the IMEI I don't know if

you can zoom in on that I'm the eyes on

the back of the phone

what we're gonna do it on its own

already 15% and show you the IMEI so you

know we're not swapping any phones or

anything like that

all right there's the IMEI now what

we're going to do is we're going to put

a sim part in it

so as of now this phone is not allowed

so this is a Sprint Galaxy s7 edge let

me show you the model number here G 935

P 6.0.1 and the build number on this

ends with PJ 2 software version p j2 all

software's are supported so now I'm

going to go ahead and they put a sim

card in here this is a cricket AT&T SIM

card this is just to test them don't

have any minutes but is registered on a

network and there's the AT&T SIM card

I'm gonna give it a reboot

okay so this is a lot galaxy s7 edge

sprint phone that we're about to unlock

I don't know if you saw that in about a

SIM card let's do it again

invalid card okay so now what we're

going to do is unlock this phone same as

iPhone and now we'll begin now we have

our phone unlocked and the phone is so

I'll reboot it and we don't have the

invalid SIM card anymore so what we're

gonna do is show you that the same IMEI

so as you'll see that's the same IMEI

that we had before same one on the back

same crack in the screen and I knew I

was right there and it's on the CDMA

slash light side

stupid hands-free activation let me show

you a trick you did this press this for

about two seconds it goes away anyway

that was a little connection errors

trying to connect with the Sprint towers

so now that the phone is on a lot as

you'll see when I turn the power button

and press the power button again it's

saying why is Santee mobile we're gonna

go to they automatically provision

already but we're gonna go to mobile

networks network mode go to the GSM side

automatic ha button press it back on

we're all cricket so I don't have any

minutes on this network operator cricket

I don't have any Minnesota simpler

because it just attesting card on a Dow

or service phone number

to show you it's all cricket this is a

bad I me I Galaxy s7 edge sprint


that's blacklisted that can be used on a

tee so this is concept the man signing

out showing you that you can unlock your

Galaxy s7 or edge sprint phone to be

used on gsm networks if anyone has any

questions please contact us at the phone

number you just saw thank you