to people who have been screwed over by

buying a phone with a bad IMEI um if

you're anything like me four months ago

I bought a Galaxy Note 4 from a pawn

shop and I was trying to have my number

transferred over to it via customer

service on the phone and they told me

that the phone had a bad IMEI number

so I got kind of irritated got kind of

irritable with the customer service

person wound up spending three hours on

the phone with four different people and

they all told me that there was

absolutely nothing that could be done

about this the phone was blacklisted

because whoever owned it last had a

pending payment that they never came

through with which means they didn't pay

their phone and therefore didn't pay for

part of the phone and I was told it was

blacklisted could never be used again

well what I'm going to tell you today is

the same story but where everything goes

good for me so four months later here we

are I purchased this Samsung Galaxy s5

for $150 at the pawn shop which if

you're paying attention to phone prices

right now you'll know that that is an

incredibly good deal this was on

t-mobile as well as was the note back

then and I called metro pcs which is my

current carrier and they told me the

same thing the phone was blacklisted and

therefore they could not switch my

number over the phone so naturally what

first sets in my mind is god damn it I

just blew another 150 dollars on

something that someone didn't pay for so

I called t-mobile this time original

carrier for the phone and I explained to

them essentially in a very stupid way I

guess you could say I was acting naive

I'll summarize the call for you hi there

my name is Steve and I bought this

t-mobile phone which I intended to use

for metro pcs

but I bought it from a pawn shop and the

people from metro pcs told me that the

IMEI was blacklisted did I do something

wrong or was this phone stolen no no you

haven't done anything wrong there's a

good chance that whoever sold it to the

pawn shop had either sold it before

paying it off oh my gosh that's terrible

is there any way I can contact the

original owner so I

possibly give it back to them well we

can't give you that information sir but

what we can do is look up the IMEI to

find out exactly why it's blacklisted

well that sounds great I hope that we'll

be able to hit help the situation out

okay sir just give me one minute

all righty sir I'm sorry to put you on

hold but I actually did just unblock

that blacklisted IMEI number the phone

is now good to use and you're not going

to have to worry about it being blocked

again because we'll only block at one

time geez thanks I really appreciate

that I'm really glad that I didn't wind

up wasting 150 dollars is there anything

else I can help you with today sir no

that's fine thank you okay have a great

day thank you you too and now I have a

fully functional Samsung Galaxy s5 on

MetroPCS I'm sure if you have the phone

unlock you can get to work on any

carrier now I can't guarantee that

whoever you talk to on customer service

is going to do the same for you but what

I am saying is that when I called and

acted like I had no idea what was going

on I got the galaxy s5 IMEI unblock

listed which according to most forms and

threads on the Internet is literally

something that's impossible to do so if

you find yourself having purchased a

phone with a blacklisted IMEI don't lose

hope just get on that customer service

and try your hardest to I guess win them

over show them that you didn't steal the

phone and that you're not a fraud or

anything like that but thanks for taking

the time to watch I'm sorry that I

dragged on for so long real quick side

note I have another YouTube channel

where I do educational I host an

educational show I usually do people of

history animals topics that I find

interesting in general it is just a

little baby channel of 59 subscribers

right now you can help me get to 60 so

if you watch this I'd appreciate it if

you went into the look again I hope this

helped you out as always be good to each

other and take care