Fix Blacklisted S8

hello everyone on YouTube this is

splashy phones here with another video

to show you a galaxy s 8 + 8 t IMEI

appear all of our IMEI appears come with

unlocks this is the website that you

have to go to here if you press pause

you can type it in your internet browser

and go there and you want to go to the

how it works tab you have home company

IMEI appear contact us unlocks and how

this works if you go to the how this

works tab it will tell you exactly how

our service works no phones have to be

mailed in absolutely no phones have to

be mailed and this is a computer to

computer service you have to have a

Windows computer and we stay on the

phone with you and guide you through the

whole process today this is the galaxy s

8 plus is AT&T you can pause the video

to see my number to look it up and see

it is reported lost or stolen having

some light problems here if you press

pause you will be able to catch that

it's 3 5 7 7 5 6 0 8 0 5 5 5 0 9 5 3 so

that's a 3 5 7 7 5 6 0 8 0 5 5 o 9 5 3

that is not I mean I that was formerly

on the phone which I would have showed

you the before and after but that's

printed on the back of the phone there

are no tricks or any gimmicks here so it

was an AT&T phone after I mean I appear

the phone will get a lot I popped a

metro pcs sim card in there as you see

there it says invalid sim card right

there night way block when I swipe the

screen you will see that you have to put

in your unlock code so the unlock code

after we repair your IMEI

and this is just for the Galaxy s7 and

galaxy s 8 for the unlock you put eight

zeros alright so I'll put eight zeros

I'm gonna hit done and unlock network

success unlock successful

phone is now a lot now it can be used on

metro pcs only things with metro pcs

automate update of air into the time

only thing with Metro cos yes is you

have to call them and tell them the SIM

card number and IMEI number so they

compared up in the system metros the

only companies does that so I got a

signal there mo metro pcs

you see ATT self and transfer it is AT&T

phone to further prove it we're gonna go

here to settings and about phone and

you'll see that the service provider is

AT&T all right g95 five you okay also

you will see that the phone is in

pristine condition this is one of my

shops local shops so yeah the phone is

now unlocked and it has a new IMEI let's

go here to the down pad this is how you

check your IMEI on a GSM phone go to the

Dow pad you press star pound zero six

star and zero star pound zero six town

there we go there's our new IMEI it's

covered I'd rather not share any I'm

guys that I did but this is a definitely

a clean iron guy and as you can see the

IMEI here from the IMEI you saw in the

beginning of the video is different you

could pause it rewind it check it out

and everything to see that this is no

lie this is flashy phones signing out

the website is unblocked my samsung comm

see how it works you have the tabs there

just simply click on the tabs takes a

couple minutes to see how it works and I

hope you enjoyed this video I have a

nice day