How To Unlock Blackberry 9800 - Learn How To Unlock Blackberry 9800 Here !

hello guys in today's video I'm going to

show you how to unlock the blackberry

torch 9800 it's a very simple procedure

it takes one to five minutes to get it

in a lot and I'm going to show you how

to do it step-by-step now the reason why

you may want to unlock your BlackBerry

is if you want to switch with to use it

with any other SIM card in the world for

example if you want to switch from AT&T

to t-mobile or to orange or to any other

company or carrier you need to unlock it

first to be able to do this so the first

thing you're going to have to do is make

sure your blackberries turn on with a

SIM card inside it can be any SIM card

and you open a keyboard and you type

star pound zero six pound sin then IMEI

number will appear in the screen that's

a 15 digit number which we're going to

use to generate the unlock code for your


now I'm the next step is to go to your

computer and when I switch screens open

your internet browser and go to the

website easy unlocks comm in this

website we're going to generate the

unlock code for your blackberry and so

first we need to fill in the information

of the blackberry pie and first select

the original service provider this is a

company the original company which your

blackberry is locked to the place where

you purchase your blackberry in our so

um in this case my blackberry is

originally from AT&T

USA select blackberry and then enter

your phone model this is a blackberry

torch 9800 and then it will ask for the

15 digit IMEI number without dots so you

write down the number we got at the

beginning of the video that's a very

important number so make sure you you

write it correctly enter your name and

then enter the email address where you

want to receive the unlock code

you can add any additional comment where

I'm gonna skip that for now you click

Next and you're gonna see a summary of

your order make sure everything is

correct especially the IMEI number then

you're gonna click this button PayPal

button you're going to be directed to to

PayPal - to complete your payment of

this order so once your payment is

completed you're gonna receive an an

unlock code in your email sometimes it

takes a few minutes to to get it but you

always get it don't worry and I'm going

to go to my email to show you how the

email should look like use Gmail let's

sign in to my email account and you're

gonna see a email just like this unlock

code thanks for doing at Leasing logs

your unlock code has been successfully

calculated click here for instructions

and this is unlock code we're going to

need 4 for the BlackBerry to unlock it

you can see I also include step-by-step

instructions so I'm going to switch back

to into the BlackBerry view so first you

open your BlackBerry and you go to -

menu then you click on options then go

down to device then you click advanced

system settings then you click where it

says SIM card and here you're going to

type M e P D with your keyboard you're

going to see a list of options and you

don't have to do anything about it so

and the next thing you have to type is M

e P and then you're going to hold out

and type 2 so that's MEP two with

holding out

then you will ask for the unlock code

you will say enter network map code and

you will say how many tries left do you

have to insert a correct unlock code so

here we're going to insert the unlock

code we got on the email so once you you

inserted you're going to get a message

saying code accepted that means your

BlackBerry is already unlocked to use it

with any other SIM card as you can see

the screen here it says network is

disabled that means your BlackBerry is

already unlocked and that's it guys but

it's as simple as that you can use it

with any GSM SIM card right now and yeah

if you have any questions let me know in

the comments below thank you