How to Reset your Blackberry if it is locked with a password - Factory Reset

all right in this video I'm going to be

showing everyone how to a factory reset

your BlackBerry this one is the 9630 but

it's pretty much the same for every

blackberry or most of the older

BlackBerry's if you have a password on

it and you can't get into the phone this

is how you reset it all you have to do

is put in the password incorrect ten

times and it will automatically wipe

itself it would erase back to factory


all right you gotta put it in two more

times like very again

there's the last attempt so you put it

in the and then it's gonna all right so

I'm just gonna pause this and I'll

continue when it says wiping 100%

alright so yeah the wiping got 100% and

it's booting up now