hello everybody we're here today with

this tutorial to help you unlock your

blackberry mobile phone now to unlock a

blackberry phone we need two pieces of

information from your phone the first

one is the IMEI number which is a unique

number of the phone and the other

something called a PID code which is

underneath the battery on the label on

the phone now this is running iOS 6 and

what happens is so to get the IMEI


we basically scroll down on to the main

menu and we go down to options and then

we go down to device and then we go down

to device status and information and

what you see here is a status screen

showing you your IMEI number now we

don't need any of the full stops but we

do need all the 15 digits of this number

accurately so should you give us any

incorrect numbers will maybe make an

incorrect code or we could detect the

error and tell you that you've sent us a

bad number they can all be just a simple

typing mistake but it does halt the

process whilst we run an automated

system that can make your own locking

code we can only do this if the

information is correct if it is

incorrect then it falls into a manual

process that during business hours will

take care of looking at what actually

happened with your order so the IMEI

number and the other piece of

information just as I save ourselves

time is the PRD code here's just another

back berry

so on every back berry we've got

underneath the battery a label where we

will find on it something called the PID

code if you can just about see that it's

made out of eight numbers a group of

five and three technically we just need

the numbers although you're welcome to

type it in exactly as you sort of see it

but the eight digits again it can be


on some phones because the print could

be a little bit blurred so do take care

with sixes and eights and zeros and all

sorts of other numbers that can be a bit

blurry and hard to read because should

we have again any incorrect information

for that then we would it would delay

the order so we've got the IMEI we've

got the PID you've placed your order and

you've got an email from us with a big

long number called the unlock code and

you're wondering how to sort of use it

well quite simply this is the way you

type that code in you go over to the

options menu we go over to device and

then now on older phones you won't have

to go into that device menu you'll be

going straight from options to advanced

settings which is down here and then

into the SIM card menu now when you're

on that screen you probably get it blank

or maybe with one or two lines of

information and what we're going to do

we need to get into a little bit of an

information screen by typing in the

following code on the keyboard you won't

see what you type is m e P D and if we

do it right the screen changes into this

lovely list now there's something that

you're looking to hear before you use

our code you bought a network unlock

code if you find that your network is

not active then do not use this code if

your network is blocked or if your

network is disabled then technically

your phone is already unlocked on the

network status if you find that you

can't make calls and this is disabled

then take a look at service provider if

your service provider is stating as

active it's really important that you

send us a quick email saying actually

I've just found out that I don't need a

network unlocking code because I'm

really disabled with that but we need a

service provider code so just email us

back and we'll make you a service

provider code and that would be the

right one to type in but if your screen

looks exactly like this then we're

on track you've got the network unlock

code and active means your phone needs

unlocking okay now to start the unlock

process we type in the following command

on the keyboard

it's M P that's the word map and then

Alt + 2 and by doing that as you see

nothing happens so did something

incorrect m EP old - so the difference

there was that I actually held down alt

and kept it down whilst I typed in the

number 2 ok now m EP 2 is to unlock the

network unlock code should we be doing

the service provider code then we would

type in MEP 4 and also on some

Blackberry phones you need to hold down

alt right from the beginning and typing

MEP 2 in other words the combinations

slightly different you don't start

typing in MEP alt - but you do alt right

from the beginning and you type in MEP -

this is something you would do if you

find that so the first combination

didn't work just try the other

alternative combination now also very

important on the screen this is now

asking us to type in the code that's

what we've achieved by typing in MEP 2

and the amount of tries left is very

important should you now read 0 or well

should you now read 0 on this screen

then your phone cannot be unlocked it

although it's asking you for a code it

will reject every single code ever that

you type into it ok so we're in a

situation we've made an unlock code for

you somebody has already tried 10 times

prior to your to this attempt that

you're doing and it means that we have

no more attempts and your phone is

permanently locked to your network in

this scenario we cannot unlock your

phone the network unlock code will not

unlock your

phone it is permanently locked if it

says zero and you're looking to unlock

your phone okay if you have one attempt

left then be very careful we need to

type in the code accurately should there

be any typing mistakes in this one

attempt then we really mess up because

we get down to zero and we won't be able

to try again okay

so we've got ten attempts by default

normally and if you see less then

somebody else has tried already to type

in a code okay so if we're okay with the

amount of tries that we've got left we

go ahead and type in the code now we're

typing in numbers but we don't need to

hold down alt okay and this code will

not work

on your phone this is a unique code for

this very phone do not attempt to copy

this code and give it a go and see if it

works in your phone it won't every

unlock code is unique so I've got my

lock unlock code here on the side I'm

going to start typing it in and it's 49

that's for nine zero four and I'm just

checking that that's the numbers are

coming up on the screen 51 17 43 43 79

66 right and there's not much time to

double-check the code because the code

will disappear if I don't press ENTER

quickly so I'm going to assume that I've

typed that in right and press ok and

there we have it the the code was

accepted and now our network status is

disabled this is a good thing we've now

successfully unlocked the phone you

might be required to take out the

battery and do a reset if you are unable

to make a call yet

and for UK networks the be advised that

if your blackberry does not do 3G and

you're trying to connect to the three

network that won't work even if you've

unlocked it the phone physically does

not have the technology to connect to

three and therefore it will never

connect to three so be certain that the

model that you're unlocking if you want

to move over to a three network is is

featured the phone is featured with a 3G

connection option basically so your

phone is now successfully unlocked

should you have any problems not making

any calls right now you would likely be

in the following scenario it's possible

that the thing that you've put in you've

put it in wrong that's still possible

and you obviously can't make a call if

it is inserted correctly and you can't

make a call you might need to activate

that sim is that simple at the box then

you need to go online and register it

and top it up and activate it so that it

comes online the other thing is that if

your phone is stolen in any way and you

weren't aware of that and you've

unlocked your phone and you can't make

calls with any network then it's most

likely that the phone is being barred

and it's being blocked by the network as

it's been reported stolen or lost and

that has no fix no work around a network

unlock code will not unblock your phone

and as we're a UK operator unblocking

and bypassing that issue is technically

a illegal activity so we don't do it or

offer it or recommend any company that

would provide that service so there you


your phone is successfully unlocked I

hope you enjoyed the video thank you

very much for watching and remember we

can give you an unlock code in about one

minute by email so we're very quick and

we're very good online with our chat

system and helping people out if they've

got any

questions so give us a try and thank you

for using our service