How To Unlock Blackberry Curve - Learn How To Unlock Blackberry Curve Here !

in this video I'm gonna show you how to

unlock a blackberry this will work for

any blackberry and in black my model and

you were gonna be able to use it with

any SIM card in any country so it's a

very simple procedure it takes one to

five minutes and let's get started the

first thing you're gonna need is a

BlackBerry's IMEI number does a 15 digit

number which you get by typing star

pound zero six pound and the 15 digit

IMEI number will appear in the screen

that's a very important number and based

on this number we're gonna generate your

unlock code so the next step is to go to

to the Internet to use your computer you

open your browser and go to the website

you see unlocks comm in his website

we're gonna generate the unlock code for

the blackberry and we need to fill in

some information for the blackberry so

you scroll down and you come here first

you select the original service provider

this is the place where you purchase

your blackberry or the company where is

locked to in this case my blackberry is

locked to AT&T United States so I select

down here it's AT&T then you select

blackberry and your BlackBerry model in

this case is blackberry curve 9380 300

and here you insert your BlackBerry's

IMEI number doesn't number we got at the

beginning make sure you get it correctly

because it's very important so I just

copy it check it's 15 digit and that is


enter your name

and then the email address where you

want to receive your unlock code I'm

putting my email address then you click

Next and you're gonna see a summary of

your order right make sure everything is

correct so as you can see there's a um

you click proceed to checkout with

PayPal and here you're gonna complete a

payment to activate your order and once

your payment is received um you're going

to receive an unlock code in your email

I already did it so I'm gonna go

straight to my email to check it we're

already cut there the email hey I use

Gmail so let's sign into my account

yeah here you will get an email just

like these you see locks unlock code so

let's click on it and here you gotta


thanks for daring and easy unlocks your

unlock code has been successfully

calculated and here is the unlock code

does a quote that's gonna unlock the

phone here is the order details and

step-by-step instructions so first we're

gonna call it instructions I'm going to

show you how to insert the unlock code

and then blackberry so first go to menu

then you scroll down to options then you

go to Advanced Options solimene the top

and go down to SIM card here you're

gonna hold the Alt key and type M ep2

mp2 then it's going to ask for the

unlock code sometimes you have ten times

left then Denton price left

sometimes I and depends on the

blackberry so we're let's go ahead and

insert the unlock code it's eight six

eight eight three five

five zero eight four three seven four

nine four two let's click OK

and it says code accepted this means

your BlackBerry is already unlocked

so that you can use it with any SIM card

in any country and as you can see a very

simple procedure and you can email their

website if you have any questions they

have life support so it's as simple as

that and thank you for watching