Changing blade on black and Decker miter saw

okay I thought I was going to show you

how to change the blade on a Black and

Decker miter saw because I didn't know

how to do it and I thought it might be

helpful here's the old blade came with

it here's the miter saw here Black &


under here right up in here you got a

little bolt I don't know if you can see

it but you got to turn that clockwise to

loosen it so what I did just grab a

little piece of wood and stuck it right

in here so that way the blade would turn

and hold itself against it and then I

put half-inch

up into here right anything like this

got it on here put that wood in it's

nice and tight I grabbed a hammer and

tapped it clockwise just to loosen now

you can't take the bolt all the way out

because the housing right here so I just

loosened it from there turn it this

direction you'll see three Phillips

screws you take this off and it'll slide

right out with the blade and all you can

remove the blade put the new one on

tighten it up slide it back in put the

three Phillips screws in and it'll be

done it's not that hard