HOW TO HACK A BIRD SCOOTER! (Free rides for life)

what's going on world I feel like if I

say that after the every parent's insane

like you're swimming right word one of

the OSS floor I want to say the cool

identity because we're going to do is

probably illegal immoral and unethical

but you know what a different fans

watching you guys

some people are like Oh

let's say I'm gonna be back in the burg

you don't need the tools the labor

you're equipped rear equus that you need

after your requirements are you have a

bird and this has to be like the latest

model so you guys come at some point

it's the bird there's a couple of

different models this is like the dual

and we call us from the 2018 I don't

really know if it's 2018 but we call it

back and the point of that one is that

doesn't have any levers can you see the

ones that have brake cables and levers

this hack doesn't really work for that

but if you see one that's make it like

this and stuff you look in then that's

the 2018 I did see there's a new model

it looks like a Lamborghini Impala on

the Lambo and

my knowledge is unhak

or basically when you walk you through

it so what you got to do is medical on

the bird website and though he's

definitely not a paid advertisement by

bird you can film it on your phone and I

could do that but I'd rather not

so basically down the bird app once you

have it in here

you have to register your credit card

information a lot of stuff but don't

worry because you're not gonna use it

and here's all you have to do you hit

ride now it's gonna ask you to take a

picture of the barcode but we don't want

to do that what you want to do is you

want to go into the ABC lettering right

and in here it's going to give you the

code from the bird so as you can see

this has a legit code so this one is H

or 9qi it doesn't matter if it's in caps

or not all that matters you type it in

once you do you hit done now it's gonna

say unlock right what you do is you hit

unlock and then you got to get the

scooter in motion so there's two ways

you can do that you can either just or

you can actually just scooter within it

unlock it now that it's going all I have

to do is lock it now it's gonna ask you

you want to end this rider you want to

continue you're gonna end the ride when

you end the ride it's gonna say your

rival successfully cancelled you were

not charged for the ride ok I give him a

nice rating because uh you know

obviously we're hacking him but that's


look it thinks

then you go around town real quick but

there's one requirement you should know

you can't stop

at first but all yours the food is

compelling going into like a wheelie

position and you can just have it pinned

one thing I learned is that now that I

do it for a minute

you don't have it swaddle the whole time

you can just kind of like lightly

throttle it but once we open the stuff

it's done the hack is over so you gotta

do it again you gonna ride right you

don't want to do that picture you want

to do the code it doesn't have to be

capitals so h r9 q I hit ride unlock

give it a little spin there she is again

and then Locker and then n ride now one

thing I will say is that sometimes if

you've done this and it stops you have

to do it again it seems like it's not

working I do is there's gonna be the

loading button and you just hold it when

it's in a ride this button scoots over

to the right you have to hold it when

you hold it it'll let you cancel out

ride and then just crash the app you

know just do this where you lift it up

you hold it I have an iPhone X I don't

know how it is for the ones with the

button anymore but for you prehistoric

devices what I do is been egged it out

so now you can see that the app is not


I'm gonna hit so many things but look at

that she's still robbing and rolling and

another pair dollar

I literally just test out the system I

wrote this thing to my house in North

Hollywood it's about eight miles it's

uphill there's not a lot of like actual

lanes for a bird or a fight so I don't

like actually be on the side of the

freeway which is super sketchy I don't

recommend it do you do at home but yeah

I did it all for free it lasted

the only problem is that there's no bird

pickup in my area so I don't think

you'll get that bird but anyways birds

are coming everywhere and now you can

learn how to pack from here I'm sure at

some point they're gonna figure out the

hack so I'm not too concerned because

you know it's gonna be fun while it


it'll be fun for you it'll be free and

you'll think of me and your boy name so

any questions in the comments over there

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you guys have any other do you remember

I've done the parking meter hack this

hack you're gonna learn a couple other

hacks you guys want me hack you guys

know but yeah if you guys find this

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I don't know how to end it I'm Jewish

yeah no oh how do you end it how do you

end this I don't know how to end it

hold on I'm sorry I don't know if it's