Watch How Long It Takes For A Thief To Snatch A Locked Bicycle

I am on the chase they get down there

why am i running so hard some guy just

stole my bike and I want it back you'd

be running hard too if you knew what an

amazing bike it is it's a top of the

line track mountain bike valued at

$2,500 and it's on loan from Helen

cycles a popular bike shop in Southern

California like this is huge in LA

County I mean it happens every day so I

wanted to see how long it would take for

a bad guy to steal this high-end bike

what the thieves don't know is that

security expert Jason check a teeny has

planted GPS and radio tracking devices

on the bike in places you'd never expect

next I lock the bike here to a signpost

in North Hollywood there's a guy right

there at our bike and it wasn't long

before this guy uses a wire cutter off

he goes so how far is the guy that stole

our bike from us right now he's about

one mile due south of us remember that

thief has no idea we're tracking his

every move we are right here and he's

right here Lisa he's up at the next

stoplight then pay dirt that's him right

there that's him

he pedals towards a metro station could

he have gone into the metro all right

guys let's go we probably have just a

few minutes before he boards a train and

he lose him down we go

suddenly a signal there he is this is my

bike and you just stole this bike and

that's the bike next to him why did you

steal my bike that bike wasn't yours

I wanted to get hi I'm Maddie

you're an addict so that gives you a

right to take somebody else's property

that's when he makes his getaway he's

not the only bike thief we encountered

watch what happened after i locked up

the bike onto Venice Beach boardwalk as

soon as night falls it started getting

lots of attention look at the guy in the

blue hat strolling past the bike one two

three four times on the fifth time he

pulls out a tool and just like that he

cuts through our lock there he goes he

just took our bike that Chase is on once

again right now he's about a mile

straight ahead of us we follow him for

two and a half miles from the boardwalk

to this corner in Marina del Rey okay

let's go that's where we get out on foot

it's getting stronger in this direction

here Jason's tracking device leads us

right to it you got our bike this is not

your bike this is my bike sir you just

stole my bike steal this I just saw it

here oh really he sure looks like the

guy who rode off with our bike we have a

videotape of you actually stealing the

bike that's you right

his silence speaks volumes was the first

time you've stolen a bike yes not very

good luck obviously not I called the

cops much to my surprise he didn't even

try to flee he admitted that he took the

bike okay go study

forgive me feel instead on your forehead

he's taken away this is great that you

guys actually did this oh we got

somebody off the street that's been

doing this for a while