How to UNLOCK cable BIKE LOCK without combination AND how to CHANGE your lock COMBINATION

hello everyone thanks for watching my

video in this video you will see how to

unlock a bike lock if you forgot your

combination this is very easy to do it

will take you less than five minutes

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get your bike lock in your hands hold

the cable firmly with your left hand

with your right hand pull the right side

of the cable and hold while doing this

rotate the numbers on the dial as shown

in the widow when the correct number is

heat then the wedge will fall into the

hole that is for the number there is

also a noticeable difference in the

number rotation if this has not helped

you there is another way to do it click

on the link above and find out how to do


finally when you hit all the numbers you

opened your code and that's it

after you learn how to unlock your bike

lock you can learn how to change your

lock combination you will need a flat

screwdriver the pin holding the parts

should be removed first after that

remove all parts be careful not to lose

your parts

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now change the order as I do take it all

back and connect as it was

you now have a bike lock with a new code

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