How to Unlock Wordlock Without the Password

all right YouTube I have a word lock


it's my kids word lock he forgot the

password I have no idea what the

password is what I found is a good way

to undo the block without having the

password and it's using sort of a feel

or sound based technique that allows you

get it open anyway

step one these two black halves here

these come apart when it's unlockable

what you have to do is pull these apart

keep pulling them apart and then start

twisting the rings starting with this

side until you feel kind of a change in

the way that it's clicking and then

usually that means that the letter is

the right letter let me let me show you

and I'll just show you the important

part is you have to keep this pulling

away the entire time so here we go I

have no idea what the passcode is okay

so I think that is one of the letters


that click and it was louder than the

other one so I think that was one of the

letters as well let me just keep oh that

one didn't make us a lot of a click but

I definitely felt it kind of clunk in

there again I'm pulling these two away

from each other this was a random code

fr TN fartin anyway my kid made that if

you want to change the code all you got

to do twist this and you can change it

to anything you want like them or

whatever so just to prove to you that

you can actually change this and do it I

am going to completely scramble this I'm

gonna lock it back we're gonna lock it

back together and we're gonna scramble

it again we'll try this again again pull

apart and start twisting the T didn't

click so I think that's the that's one

of the letters

and that one really clunked in because I

don't know if that was it looked in em I

think it's em lucky so W was already

there but I was the other one as well so

again it is possible to unlock these

without the code you just have to follow

these simple easy steps

pull the black away from you away from

pull the black parts away from each

other and slowly start twisting you'll

slowly feel overtime you'll feel that

the correct letter is the one that feels

different and always start on the right

side move your way over that's how you

do it good luck