Cracking Bike Locks With a Pen!

this week on scam school it's one of the

most notorious lock-picking hacks of all

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folks I'm Brian brushwood this week we

are back again with the Longhorn

lock-picking Club where we're going to

tackle one of the most notorious one of

these zipless bicycle lock opening acts

of all time you put an echo on there

right all right guys toast me

here's back again with J Gore and dug

far the founder of the UT Longhorn

lock-picking Club all right as soon as I

got into Loch pickings there was rumors

that one of the most popular by clocks

on the freakin planet could be defeated

with the simplest of devices at all and

a freakin big pen could open up a

kryptonite a brand that has built itself

on being virtually you know


yeah are the rumors true yeah brooms are

absolutely true and it's something

that's been highly publicized I think in

a lot of media and movies how did this

come back up like like someone just

figured in that one day they're like

what's the dumbest thing I could stick

in this look a pen oh my god it worked

and I think it started with a toilet

paper roll actually they just tied it up

really tight and notice that if you

stick it into a lock and start turning

the pins actually pushed their way into

the material of this toilet paper roll I

believe it was someone from the open

organization of lock triggers another

hobbyist through who discovered this and

publicized it so talk me through first

of all this is the kind of circular

locks that you see like on vending

machines or or and emeriti lock fires

yeah so this is officially called a

tubular lock and it's just like a normal

lock except instead of having the pins

arranged linearly and in a row we have

them circularly so you'll notice if you

look down in that key way there are

seven pins sticking out for oh yeah you

can definitely see that just like in a

typical door lock or home lock the same

concept except instead of picking the

key in hitting the Kinze one by one as

it goes down the line we're taking a key

that effectively hits all the pins at

once sets them to the correct height and

allows it to rotate open so if I'm

understanding this correctly the same

device that is pushing the pins down is

also providing the torsion on there

right now it acts as its own tension

wrench and you want a material that's

soft enough that that once a pin is

locked the material wolf will fold back

on itself as the rest of it goes down to

push the rest of the pins into place

yeah so

originally they were using this

improvised toilet paper roll trying to

wrap it to just the right diameter

someone eventually noticed that if you

take a normal plastic Vic pen pull off

the cap here and pull out the ink

cartridge this diameter is almost

perfect to fit these locks this must

have exploded word got on the street

everything everyone covered it how

quickly did the bicycle companies move

to correct this now unfortunately in the

physical world

unlike the computer world you can't just

issue a hot patch and have everything

fixed the next day so it did take a

couple of years to get the market to

even start introducing new secure locks

we should be totally fair and say that

the new if you go to the store today

this very likely will not work at all

really any modern kryptonite lock is

going to be protected against this this

is really a targeting something that's

many years old there's plenty of these

still out in the field in use like for

example in your own garage which is the

only place you should be practicing

exactly all right look I want to know

whether or not this actually works let's

try the first beautiful people toast me

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all right we've heard the legends I want

to know if it's true which of you will

face the beast let me give it a shot all

right so we got this lock it's clearly

locked right now I'm gonna take my

specialized pick here pull out the in

cartridge now to start with this

diameter is just slightly smaller than

the lock itself so we're gonna do is try

to work it on to the middle of this lock

here so I'm gonna kind of go in a

circular motion stretching out the

plastic of the lock now once we get it a

little bit secure it onto the lock we're

gonna hold a turning force the same way

we'd we'd turn like a tension wrench in

normal picking well that's gonna do is

it's gonna bind up the pins inside there

so I got my slight turning force I'm

gonna kind of rock it back and forth

like this while I'm turning hoping that

I'm binding up those pins and letting

them push into the plastic it's so from

this point for where you always have a

little counterclockwise tension on there

yes and of course if you haven't seen it

make sure to check out our previous

episode on an advanced lock picking so

at this point you're just rolling around

hoping to get that moment when all of

the pins are lined up and the the cool

part about this attack is if it works

for that particular second your bic pen

is now the real key for this line in the

case where you have an older or rusted

lock I've seen just spray wd-40 but I've

seen don't do that it'll damage and walk

what you want to do is put my graphite

in there if you guys have a preference

yeah so wd-40 is sort of a no-no in lock

so you can do it once but then sort of

expect to throw that lock away because

it'll get gunked-up to hell afterwards

it really it really attracts dust and

and grime into the lock and makes it a

lot more hard a lot harder to open not

that I'm gonna accuse you of failure but

let's say at some point you feel you

realize it's not gonna work but you can

always pull the pick the pen out cut off

just the area where you've sort of

lightened it out and start over from

scratch okay actually foremost we got to

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