How to remove A Quicklink without the MLP-1.2 tool | Home made bodge

all right

today I'm going to show you how to

remove a quick link without using the

specified tool now first ensure that if

you have a Shimano make like your

clutches off or if you have a shine make

that the right let's bottom in the front

position next it's like the chain off

your chain just screwdriver like this

push the leader I lay down just take it

down back now I'm going to show you how

to remove the quick link using just a

piece of o'ciock I first read it through

the click link bagless

and then just put to the opposite side

that something to remember is the gain

of your Chinese like easy it will come

off and if you end or slightly oily you

can use a set of pliers like this to

just pulling the ends that's pretty much