How To Remove a Bicycle Chain

breaking a chain is a simple process but

there are several different ways to do

it depending on whether or not you have

a very specific link in your chain here

are the three different most common

types of chain and the different ways to

break them

so if our chain looks like this with no

quick links and those split links in it

then we will need a specialist tool in

order to break it

specialist tool is a chain tool and it

is basically this pin here that will

push rivets out of the center of our

chain links so in order to use it really

set our chain into the chain tool any

link will do make sure it's seated nice

and firmly and then we're going to start

twisting and applying this pin we want

to make sure that the pin is applied to

the center of the rivet and at the back

of the chain is supported so we are not

bending the links or anything at this

with a firm grip you can start twisting

and it might take a bit force to get it

started you'll see that the pin is

pushing the rivet through the back of

the chain we're not going to push it all

the way clear we're just going to push

it most of the way through so that it

clears the central part of the link and

I'll show you what I mean in just a

second that's probably about far enough

you will feel a bit of resistance as it

gets towards the end of the chain

backing off the pin take the chain tool

out and our chain should with a bit of

wiggling come apart this is the center

bit of our chain I was talking about and

we just have to push the rivet clear

enough of that so it's still stuck in

this plate to reattach we simply push

the pin back through using the chain

tool in reverse manner

it's also worth being aware that if you

do break your chain in this way with

some multi speed chains as in ten speed

change and 11 speed change you will need

to buy a new pin every time in order to

reattach the chain as they work with

much tighter tolerances so if you have a

quick link which looks like this

no no it's a quick link because it has

these holes next to the pins on opposing

sides these are very very easy to open

all we have to do is compress like this

the link and it will pop open now this

is possible by hand but they can be

quite stiff so I suggest trying to get

your hands on some

these these are special quick link

pliers as you can see they are very thin

and they rounded off and they're

designed to fit inside the chain and

press directly our quick link here so

what I'm going to do is insert these

into the chain either side of the quick

link like that and then it's simply a

case of pressing together and you see

that our pins have slid to occupy these

previous holes we're removing the pliers

our train has literally slid apart and

then you have either side of the quick

link which you can remove from the chain

let's take a look at a split link like

this which consists of our backing plate

here our other plate and then this

locking face plate on the front really

easy to take this apart the only tool

you will need is a set of needle nose

pliers like this and what we need to do

is place one of the jaws on the pin like

so and then the other jaw rest on this

locking face plate we just need to give

a bit of squeeze here to slide what

we're doing with sliding this face plate

off this way and as you can see it's

released it so we just need to a bit

more and then we can slide it off and

remove it from the link and place that

to the side now and now we need is our

hands as we no longer have this locking

plate we can simply use our fingers to

slide off this face plate won't need a

bit of a wiggle and place that to the

side and then as you can see our chain

simply slides off this backing link with

the pins installed that's how to break

the chain with a split link