How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Locked to Bell Mobility

hey guys so today we're going to work

with the process of unlocking a galaxy

s7 samsung galaxy s7 edge actually so

currently this phone is locked to the

Bell Network in Canada and we're going

to take these other steps right now to

make sure that after we unlock the phone

we will will make sure that it works

with other networks as well and we have

a rogers nano SIM card here to test

after the unlocking has been complete so

let's get started so the first thing you

should do is go on to your website and

go to wwl unlock ernet from here it's

pretty straightforward just follow the

steps so first of all let's select the

make of the model to Samsung all right

scroll down I'll take you to the steps

of exactly how to do it how to unlock

Samsung it's got a video over there

quick do it yourself just to see how

it's done alright so let's go ahead and

select the model of our Samsung device

and over here we're looking at our

galaxy s7 edge select the current

network like I said before it's locked

to bell mobility and the IMEI so if you

want to know how to find the IMEI on the

phone go to the dialpad and type in star

pound zero six pound automatically it's

going to show you the IMEI all right get

that 15 digit number IMEI and put it on

to the screen so after you typed in your

IMEI just click on look for code it's

going to verify your phone's IMEI number

and again if nothing happens within five

or six you know seconds then click on

there I'm sure it'll refresh the page

okay so it's ready and it's valid and

ready for processing obviously you make

the payment once you make the payment

it's going to ask you for your contact

information provide in your

email address whatever email address you

want right once the payment and

everything has been done you should

receive an email from cell and Locker

net team right over here with your order

number and they provide you with an

email that's saying your order is now

complete so again the email has been

received over here letting you know that

your order is complete we'd like to

thank you for your order your unlocking

information is provided below along with

detailed instructions for your make

and/or model so here it is you Zi Mei we

provided here is the Samsung Galaxy s7

and here is the unlocking code I'm

providing you with this unlocking code

because it probably won't work for any

other phone it is supposed to be

specific to the IMEI number that's

provided if you guys haven't received

the email just yet don't worry about it

it may take up to 24 hours depending on

where you guys are so before you freak

out I suggest waiting at least 24 hours

all right

so based on the IMEI and the information

you provided to us your unlock code

is as follows now click on the link for

instructions here so let's go ahead and

click on the link here

how do I lock your phone follow our

step-by-step instructions on how to lock

your phone below once you receive an

email from us with your own lock code

all right

so step one click on the manufacturer of

your device below to begin the unlocking

process there you go

Samsung unlocking instructions all right

specific instructions requirement one a

foreign SIM card like we said before we

do have a Rogers SIM card available to

us for us to test after it has been

unlocking number two your Samsung

unlocking codes sent via email from us

again that email is very important so

make sure you have the email as well as

that unlocking code with you and last

but not least if you don't have an

unlocking code get the Samsung unlock

code over here okay so if you receive

your code in this format as such network

sub provider provider D freeze extra

okay if your phone prompts for our

network unlock ping use the network code

if your phone prompts for a service

provider unlock pin use the provider

and/or service provider clubs okay so

let's go ahead instructions to input the

Samsung unlock code code power on the

Samsung device with a foreign SIM card

all right so let's go ahead and turn off

the phone all right so we're a galaxy s7

is now off we're gonna go ahead and take

out the SIM card again just to verify

the SIM card is a Bal SIM card as this

phone was locked to Belle let's go ahead

and put in our Rogers SIM card you might

not be able to tell that it's Rogers but

I can assure you it's not bail and we'll

actually be able to tell based on the

carrier that's provided on the phone

screen once we turn it on all right are

you ready to insert the SIM card whoops

back into the phone and boot your phone

once again

so while this phone is currently loading

I'll go ahead and read the other

instructions that are on the website the

phone will prompt prompt for the sim

network unlock pin or network control

key all right

so enter the eight digit unlock code

provided and this is where you go back

to your email and you put in the eight

digit unlock code

and click on unlock and there you have

it it says that the unlock had been

successful now the only way to test is

to make sure that there is service we

have to make sure that it's connected to

the Rogers Network alright and as you

can see on the phone clear up over there

there you go

this phone is now successfully unlocked

as you can see it's connected over to

the Rogers carrier and we are going to

do a quick test just to make sure that

we are actually getting reception all


so I'm just going to go ahead and call

my home phone number not going to show

you what it is all right

and there you go you guys should hear

that ringing in the background they'll

wait for someone to pick it up because

they probably don't have an idea that

we're making this whole nevermind

everyone in our house is lazy so there

you have it

the phone has been unlocked and now it

should be able to be used by any carrier

provided that you have the correct size

SIM card so it was unlocked to Belle not


so you are now a free bird thanks for

watching if you have any questions

please let us know

or don't