Oh double YouTube so today I'm going to

be showing you how to unlock your iPhone

6s so this is going to be using a

network SIM on Locker so what you're

going to want to do is head over to sell

unlock or.net and once you're on the

home page just scroll down to I phone

factory unlocking and once you're on

this page just scroll down until you get

to here so you're going to select your

iPhone which model you have so iPhone 6s

and the carrier so this one is locked to

Fido and then you're going to need your

IMEI number so if you head over to your

phone and you go to your dialer settings

and you click pound star pound zero six

pound this is the number you're going to

want to enter you can also find it in

the settings so let's see we're going

three six five five four so this is the

one so after you enter it just go ahead

and click look for code and it'll take a

second there and you'll see right here

so this is how much it's going to be and

this is in u.s. so as you can see iPhone

6s five those fifty dollars and you can

just scroll down put all your

information and then place your order

now it takes about it took me like three

days takeout menu because it was the

weekend so when it's unlocked they will

send you an email which looks similar to

this saying that it has been unlocked so

usually there's a there's no steps to

follow so you just have to once it's


you go you put a non-accepted sim card

so this is with Fido I'll show you here

I have a Bell SIM card

if you want to see that I can so I can

take this out so usually when you put a

non-accepted sim card it'll say

activation required however after the

unlock if I put in Bell SIM card you can

see at the top it will say no service

and it won't go to the activation screen

so therefore it is unlocked now if I put

a active SIM card like the one I'm using

right now

it will work perfectly fine so if you

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one peace