Broken Door Knob: LOCKED OUT!

looks like this is a really old door and

you have this kind of luck and you're in

this situation I can show you how to fix

that so this right here the door is

locked it pretty much doesn't open and

we have this huge whatever closing here

so you can't really put a knife in there

to open this thing so I tried pushing

and pulling and jabbing but what I

remember when when this when this was in

the door this was used to turn the

doorknob so I said okay and this when

this was locked

this was locked I opened it but this was

on the other side so I didn't have it to

recreate I meant to open this thing up

so I just took this screwdriver Manders

pushed against this the door if you push

hard enough it'll open up again it's

closed this right here push it back put

some pressure on it yeah there you go it

might take a time or two but you'll get