How to unlock a bedroom door without a key

oh now dabbing nabbit will you open the

door oh I don't think anybody's in there

I think someone's playing a trick on me

okay I'll play a trick back on grab

yourself a butter knife let's see if I

can get in there shall we can't fool Joe

alright you tricked me yeah see you

can't open up your bedroom door and your

bathroom door if you just have a butter

knife a standard slotted screwdriver or

anything like that you see this is a

this is a privacy handle and this

particular privacy handle has a thumb

turn on the back side you see there if

you have a thumb turn like this to lock

and unlock the door so you want to lock

the door just turn that thumb turn okay

and close the door now it's locked from

the other side you see so you unlock it

turn the thumb

okay now some doors don't have that

remember I've showed you other doors

where right there there's just a little

pinhole right there's just a little

pinhole you're going to take something

in there and push it and pop the other

side out but if you just have a slot

like that and the door is locked

all you're doing is taking the flat

screwdriver or anything flat in this

case a butter knife and just simply turn

it and all you're doing hello I locked

it there now I unlocked it see all

you're doing is turning that thumb turn

here okay I'll watch that again

I'm gonna hold it right there turning it

see how it turns the thumb turn now it's

locked now it's unlocked okay that's all

this video was about was to show you

very quickly how to unlock a privacy

door with a thumb turn

hahaha if you use your butter knife like

that for it for the little tool to

unlock your door don't put it back in

here just make sure you put that in the

dishwasher or wash it okay that's lying

out for this time but I'll be back with

more videos