5 Easy Ways to Unlock a Bedroom or Unlock a Bathroom Door - Unlock Privacy Lock

oh snap i just locked myself

out of the bathroom door if you've got

kids more likely than not this has

happened to you

you've been locked out of the bathroom

or bedroom today we're going to show you

five ways to unlock that door

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if you're not familiar with the lock on

your bathroom door let's check it out

real quick

on the inside of the door you have a

thumb turn you've probably all seen

these on an entryway door too the main

door to your house

the difference is on the outside of the

door now on the outside of the lock

instead of a keyhole like you would find

on the front door of your home

there's basically just a round little

hole on privacy levers

and behind that little hole is a spindle

with a groove

in it and your goal is to hit that

groove and give it a turn

today we're going to talk about five

different ways you can open this privacy


the first one is just by using the key

that came with it

now this is a small little key basically

has a flat tip on it and i keep these

all over the house i keep them on the

frame above the doors for the bedrooms

the bathrooms

if anybody ever accidentally locks

themselves out i just reach up there

grab it and this is the way to get in

let me show you how this works

door's locked insert right into the hole

of the door

the only maybe gotcha step there is you

want to go straight in some of them are

very fussy if you're going at an angle

you won't hit the spindle so straight

into the door

give it a twist that's all there is to


but what are some of the ways if you

don't have a key

i've just locked the door again and

here's an alternative

method if you have a tiny little

screwdriver perhaps one for your

glasses laying around it'll act just


the privacy key in work to get that door


now you can buy these in packages of

five at the dollar store here

so there's no reason why you can't keep

several of these around at the house as


again put them on the frame of the door

to get in works exactly the same way

into the hole give it a twist

you're in but you might not have the key

that came with the lock you might not

have a little screwdriver

so let me show you two hacks that'll do

the same thing for you the first hack

i'm going to talk about

is using a paper clip basically a

paperclip is just a small piece of

bendable metal

so you can bend it in such a way to

create a tip that'll open this door

now they come in various sizes the small

ones don't work

really well because the metal is too

flimsy and it won't really

spin the spindle it'll actually just

spin the metal of the paper clip

but if you have one of the bigger ones

it's perfect for this task

very easy to do let me just

get this open have a pair of needle nose

here and i'm just going to create a tip

on this

there you go something that'll fit into

that groove hopefully you can see that

clearly there

i've locked the door give it a turn

you're in

simple as that paper clip to unlock a


lever so the second hack you can use to

unlock this door is to make a

basically a screwdriver out of a wire

clothes hanger

this is actually the one i used to do

when i was young and in college and

how to get into a room myself all i do

is take it out to the garage

and flatten the tip of it

and then it will easily insert into the

door so that you can unlock it

let's take a look

my door's locked let's check it out

voila unlocked bathroom door using a

clothes hanger

now i promised you five techniques to

get in we've covered four

the last one is one we've already talked

about in another video

you may have seen the video on if you


install a lever on your front door how

anybody can use a thin

piece of plastic slide it into the crack

of the door and push

that lever latch back so that the door

swings open

so that video has a lot of hits on

youtube i'll put a link to it right here

if you want to see that technique

but that bypass technique to get in your

home's front door

will also work on unlocking a bathroom

and unlocking a bedroom door

well hopefully you've enjoyed this video

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i'm robert with acme locksmith and

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