How To Open A Locked Door With Any Kind Of Plastic Card!


how's it going guys seems you've got

milk here and have you forgot oh no I

left my keys in my house oh no the doors


oh no how am I gonna get in well I'm not

gonna be s any longer I'm gonna show you

how to get into a locked door it can't

be a deadbolt though this is like only

like a level one break-in kind of

technique so open your wallet take a

card out one that you want to bend up we

gotta bend it up a teeny bit to do this

so I'll show you up close all right so

I'm gonna use my police card my dad a

jail card for this I've already been in

a little bit but you want to take your

card you won't do that you want to bend

it just like that to the point to where

you see that curve just push it in like

that so just like that and then I'll

show you I do all right so I'm gonna be

using so I want to be using a different

card because the edge on my police carts

all dem top this is still a pretty

straight so what you want to do is mark

first no [ __ ]

what's hardcore locked can't get in

can't do anything so with your Bend

doorknob slide it in to where it will

Mike where it clicks play where the door

clicks in just push one two three easy

as that locked know what's behind the

door once again locked one more time

boom while you're doing it

label the knob and push and push and

push and you can easily get it open all

right guys let's how you get into a

locked door but I want to do a little

warning because do this only to your

house don't break into someone else's

house or take someone else's stuff this

is for like a kind of a life hack if you

leave your stuff in so please don't do

it to other people

that's my only disclaimer so be ever

once again like keys dog something in

the house you don't have a key

always have your handy-dandy credit card

or some kind of hard plastic alright

guys thanks for watching and stay tuned

for more like subscribe if you like

these kind of life hack videos I will

definitely do more take care have a

great day