How to Unlock a Door

you can use a credit card to unlock a

door that has a spring lock

make sure to use an old card in case it


insert the card between the lock and

door frame

then bend the card back to force the

lock open

for an interior door that has a small

hole in the handle

you can use a small screwdriver to

unlock it

just insert the screwdriver into the

small hole

and press the button on the inside of

the handle with it

to unlock the door you may need to turn

the screwdriver in order for the door to


to unlock a door with a keyhole you can

pick the lock

with two bobby pins bend the closed end

of one of the bobby pins to form a 90

degree angle

bend the second bobby pin into a long

straight pick

that bends up at one end

insert the bent end of the first bobby

pin into the bottom of the keyhole

and turn it in the direction you turn

the key in

maintain pressure on the first bobby pin

then insert the angled end of the second

bobby pin

into the top of the keyhole use the

bobby pin

to push up the pins inside of the lock

one at a time

once you push up all of the pins the

inner cylinder

will turn and the door will unlock