New Rescue Tool: How to Unlock a Stall From the Outside

I'm Dana inventor of the stall rescue

tool a small handheld apparatus that's

designed to allow immediate access the

to lock that installed or in the event

of an emergency it deploys fast and he

works fast let's carve a couple features

in the tool the handle is made from


Delrin plastic the strongest

unreinforced are available the effector

arm is made from stainless steel and the

anchor pin that it rotates around is

made out of stainless steel

there's retention devices at this into

the tool that locked the effect arm

place when it's deployed

there's retention devices at this end of

the tool for when the tools and storage

if you encounter a stall door that has a

slot of plate on the outside this is

what we designed this along in the

bridge floor and this in here just place

that in the slot turn left to turn right

to unlock the door to learn more about

us check out Stoll rescue tool usa.com