How To Unlock Bathroom Door If You Lose Your Privacy Lock Key The Smart & Easiest Way

I know this have happened to all of us

you walk to your bathroom and you try to

open the door and it's a month maybe

it's a kid inside us and had some

children come over and then my plan with

the doors and they caught me so I always

keep a pen right above the door because

I have experienced this where I've lost

that pen just keep it right here nobody

can see it it's getting an issue 750

feet tall and I got a cotter pin because

I lost all those other things you can

get these at Lowe's or Home Depot their

own thing you have to do is just bend

this thing at a 90 degree and it works

for this lot but it wouldn't work for my

other lock and I'm going to show you the

reason why this one it works you just

put it in real slow it goes in about a

half-inch you're gonna hear it click and

once you pushing it in you'll feel it

fall into that groove on my locket with

this also check it out

I don't know if you heard it quick

enough but it did luck so now I'm gonna

unlock it again

so this pin works right here this collar

pant works for this door probably heard

the click there you go that's the easy

way to open it but I'm going to show you

the easiest way to open it talk to

everybody don't have a collar pin on

maybe these pins don't work or the

hairpin but when you finish put your pin

right there on the top so you can know

where it's at next time you need it but

the easiest way to do it is to get a

Phillips head screwdriver it's real

simple one thing you have to do you see

that slot you just take your Phillips

head screwdriver and turn it

counterclockwise about a turn and a hat

maybe two times you don't want to take

the screws all the way out you don't

need to so you turn about a turn and a

half maybe two turns and these are real

fun three is on these screws that you

come right here and you turn it

clockwise and counter-clockwise a

quarter of a turn and pulls it right off

then you turn it just like that

and it's not locked something is that

I'm close and I'm gonna show you once

you unlock it just put it back on the

way you took it off you see these little

grooves and make sure you line

everything up correctly so you slide it

on once you slide it on

you're turning get it in line right next

to the screw and turn it clockwise now

you hit a pop into place and then just

tighten it up that's it so I'm gonna

zoom in so you can see a better view of

it you see off is to put it on again and

you can see where it's gonna hook in

make sure you line everything then you

just slide it come close to screw


clockwise boom the same place then just

take your I'm gonna show you then you

take your food hair screwdriver and

tighten it up a turn in a man you don't

want to over tighten it in your strip

that screw you don't want to do that

just tighten it up tighten up to where

it's not moving so I'm gonna zoom in on

the other side and show you and that's

it you're done that's the easiest way so

keep you a screwdriver or a Phillips

head screwdriver around the house if you

don't get more just look in the

description below if you don't want to

go out get more people but this is my

older that I had upstairs and I went on

and took it off

and we'll show you why this right here

is stripped out it do not work you can

put a collar fee put a screwdriver

anything it did not work so I could not

come show this is screwdriver

and I can't even lock it like that and

the screwdriver wouldn't even fit in a

hole anyway see I'm turning it hit don't

work so what I had to do is get my

Phillip ear screwdriver and take the

knob off I'm gonna zoom in and show you

how these schools real simple if you

zoom in you see that 1 1 2 1 3 3 just

look right there my pocket esalaam see

it won't move

unlock it that's it it's not that uh

just not work you see how turns lock and

unlock simplistic

so I'm gonna show you right here how to

get they were not involved you

see how to turn it right there that's

all just to this one

so if you ever happen to you get a

Philippine screech alright thanks for


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