Unlock Any Sprint/verizon iPhone bad esn

hey what's up YouTube Johnny Bravo tech

here just want to make a quick run

through video of mmm why just did to my

fiance's iPhone 4s from Sprint

now the story behind her iPhone is she

was on a plane with her mom and her mom

couldn't afford to pay the bill so I got

shut off this was months ago a couple

months ago or something and I thought

figured the phone would be completely

dead I read everything I could about

trying to unlock it um but just iPhones

period are garbage they suck so I

thought it was basically dead you can't

even sell these you know turning into an

iPod it's it's dead there's no use to it

well she was using anyways on Wi-Fi or

whatever using when she could but she

hasn't had a phone for a month so I

finally heard about bees these are our

Sims um this is the our sim 9 Pro

there's only a couple things I can tell

you about these is that one they have

fakes so you have to be careful this is

something you're going to want to look

for these little tags because it has

authentification numbers and everything

when it comes with is this package it

comes with all these different SIM trays

there's also one in the iPhone right now

if it's the 4s all these symmetries

comes with the the SIM tray opener pen

thingy and it also comes with the our

sim 9 little mechanism it's it's

something that fits right behind the sim

card it just it it basically is between

the sim card and your phone's hardware

itself it just a little fits in there

and basically bypasses everything so it

uses itself I believe as its own radio

to connect with your iPhone I know it

sounds kind of confusing but it's not

that hard I know you'll be looking you

don't want to do that you don't order

something I order this off Amazon I live

in New York and it was on the Amazon you

have to make sure you find something

with at least one review make sure

somebody has it on their IP 13 bucks for

this and it was like four dollars

shipping and I got it within a day

from California it's a guy from

California too so go on Amazon look for

our sim 9 and from California and there

was at least one review from milena or

something some LM name I'll try to put

the the link for that in the description

but I bought it here in two days came

with this that three little centuries

and then a similar that's all Cuba with

alright so what I did because I have

Straight Talk and I unlock phones all

Android stick with Android if you can

but if you can't this is your other

option um down at the mall by my house

they have a little straight talk stand

that comes with you know you can buy

phones in there you can buy mostly

anything but they have these used to

call the activation starters starter kit

so here it's like a little plastic box

it just comes with this little starter

kit you can buy these from the Straight

Talk website itself it's like 15 bucks

and check this out

it comes with one two three four

different cards just to find a

compatibility so you don't have to worry

about the sims fitting in the our sim or

fitting in your phone because he has

nanos it has micros and it also has

regular see how these can be cut out

those can turn into micros or unless you

need a regular one but I will tell you

the artisan that I bought would only

take a nano so thank god this came with

a nano and if you have a micro sim it

can be cut down to nano I've seen it

done look it actually did one myself

this was a micro actually was a regular

cut down to a micro then cut down to a

nano really all it takes is um some

pretty steady hands and it's pretty

simple anyways so this is straight talk

this was a lot blocked by Sprint because

I worked with them iPhone here I'll show

you in the settings just to prove it to

you see carrier sprint so all you did

all I did was get this from straight

talk activate make sure the sin that

you're going to use timo ATT

I talk is already activated so I bought

this this whole kit activation kit was

15 bucks the sim was the arson was 15

bucks and then I bought the minutes for

the Straight Talk because I wanted

activated that was a that was fortified

for whatever so altogether I paid 80

bucks so didn't buy had to buy a new

phone or nothing sorry about I'm just

holding the phone in my answer I know

it's pretty shaky but enough to buy a

new phone didn't have to do any kind of

pay somebody hundred something dollars

to mock it didn't have to do anything

anything um no jailbreak nothing I mean

it looks like it still broke but this is

just her little skins that she has on

here nothing about this phone's

jailbroken at all it's even running

6.1.3 but if you have yours updated it's

actually easier when it comes to the

arson because they patch them to work

with iOS 7 and above so if you have iOS

7 that's no big deal so what I did was I

popped the sim in pop the straighttalk

made sure it was a activated went

through all the steps on here whatever

made sure everything was activated and I

went through bright when you pop the sim

in and you might have to restart and

restart it back up blah blah blah blah

to get it to kick on but arson will come

up with this little menu that helps you

set up the sim it will ask you o what

phone it is you know you get all you

have to say is it's a sprint iPhone 4s

and now it's just just like this right

area and if you can't if that doesn't

pop up pop in the sim and go into

settings go down to phone go to sim

applications and you can click right

here select carrier blah blah blah see

our sim 9 pro 4 or 4s 5s

this was never jailbroken this is an

application that the sim the our sim

just loads onto your phone phones not

jailbroken anyways so it took a couple

retries power on power offs and then I

also went on the our sim packages tells

you to go to this website our sim 5

calm / nano 4G this is what I did nano

4G and it brought me up to a page that

had me install this iroh's tool now see

somebody told me that you're phoning to

be jailbroken in order for that to be

installed installed it not a problem

it wasn't jailbroken all I did was click

on it said it said updating patch and

everything just clicked on I mean I've

never I've unlocked Android phones and

everything I've never had anything

worked that easily like the Chinese

really kicked it up on this one here

it's t-mobile 3g it is a 4s so I do not

believe it'll get 4G right outside been

high and when I was watching the earlier

YouTube videos to see how quick it is

it's on the network and everything when

I was watching the YouTube videos people

were saying that the data wasn't working

that all the you know the social

networks wouldn't work or whatever

everything's working you just saw the

internet working now I can actually send

the text to myself

send just give it a second

no Momentis oh okay then workers I'm

recording so my phone's on silent but it

went through you can see right there

five 506 bar walk you whatever anyways

so I just want to make this quick video

to show that this is the quickest the

best way I mean honestly this completely

changes everything as far as sounds

terrible but as far as not paying your

bill as far as stealing phones I mean it

changes everything this phone was

completely blacklisted she owed thousand

dollars on her account all four of their

phones completely just paperweights

hasn't had any kind of even if you made

a call on this it would go right direct

to sprint your account cannot be

validated completely shut down bottle

this stuff say you have a sim already or

you have a verizon phone or sprint phone

iPhone say you have that was already buy

this Amazon 13 bucks shipping came out

to be like 15 something I think buy it

is your ticket out of everything

straight talk if you don't have the

little boost like I did in my mall then

just order it offline still 15 bucks

then you're going to want to get the

airtime and everything so everything

together was 80 bucks I had a phone

working brain ready to go if there's no

problems with it on the minute data and

I checked the speed test and the speed

test was I believe around five or six

megabytes a second which is pretty good

that she said that faster way faster

than anything she ever had on sprint so

he that's um that's about it if you have

any questions leave any comments below

from what I can tell right now there's

nothing that I would you definitely it's

amazing it really is I was going to fork

out three or four hundred bucks for an

unlocked iPhone and put it on straight

ugh why not just use hers so yeah that's

about it if you have any questions let

me know thanks Johnnie bottle