How To Unlock Asus Zenfone 2, 2e, Max, Zoom, 5, Laser

what is up guys Kristen here today I

will show you how to unlock any a

sousaphone out there now in this case

I'm going to use my cellphone to e but

this method will work for all models or

all versions now I'm going to show you

my phone is currently locked to AT&T but

I want to lock it to use it with

t-mobile so we'll just have to follow a

couple of steps to unlock this phone

I'll show you how to do it step-by-step

it is extremely simple we will only need

a computer your phone and SIM card now

before we start I have to mention that

unfortunately it is not free we will

have to pay something to unlock this

phone but trust me guys it is completely

worth it to have a fully factory

unlocked phone that is compatible

worldwide with all GSM carriers now I'm

going to show you the way to unlock it

and then you decide if you want unlock

it or not so we will perform a factory

unlock which means that your phone will

be unlocked permanently don't worry your

phone won't that won't get damaged at

all it won't damage your warranty or

anything in fact it's only positive

thing that you can get out of this

unlock alright so we're going to start

so open your phone application and you

have to tile star hash zero six hash as

you will see your 15 digit IMEI number

will appear this is very very important

okay so keep this number somewhere close

because we will need it later to

generate the unlock code use only the

first 15 digits perfect so once you have

that number we will stitch it to the


open your internet browser and go to the

website unlockriver.com alright so once

you're in that website we will request

the unlock code to unlock this phone so

we're going to start by selecting the

original carrier and country that your

phone is currently locked to so in my

case my phone is currently locked to

AT&T in the United States so I will

select that one so make sure you select

the original carrier okay perfect

now you have to select the brand of your

phone of course we're going to select a

Zeus or a Zeus I don't know how you want

to call it and then you have to select

their ride model as I said this will

work for any model but in this case I'm

going to select the one I am locking

which is the zenfone 2e perfect now you

will have to write down your 15 digit

IMEI number

a unique number and make sure you write

it down here correctly okay insert only

the first 15 digits very very important

all right so then you have to enter your

personal email where you want to receive

your unlock code and then scroll down

and you will see the price to unlock

your phone and an average delivery time

to get that unlock code into your email

so we're gonna hit unlock now so just

check everything one last time and hit

unlock now and we will post it to the

following page so here you will get a

summary of the order you are about to

place I check everything here make sure

all the information is correct read all

the information here there's useful

information you need to know before

unlocking your phone but don't worry

everything is safe so once you have read

everything go ahead and place your order

so I'm gonna skip this part and I will

come back when the order is completed

all right so if you did everything

correctly and you place your order

successfully you will see the following

page it basically confirms that your

order was received and placed

successfully great now you just have to

wait until they send you an email to

your personal email account and it will

take around 1 to 72 hours sometimes it's

very quick sometimes you have to wait a

couple of hours more but you will arrive

eventually so and they will send you an

unlock code to your email and I will

show you how the email will look like so

let's go to my personal email account I

use Gmail and I'm gonna show you exactly

the email that you will receive except

with the different unlock code so I

let's go to Gmail and this is my

personal email account and as you can

see here I got an email from unlock

River saying that my unlock code is

ready so I'm going to select that one

open it and once you open your email you

will get exactly the same that your

unlock code is ready it includes

instructions step-by-step how to enter

the unlock code at the most important

part the actual unlock code that's the

most important part because this is a

unique code and it is calculated based

on your IMEI number so I will show you

how to enter this unlock code into your

phone so once you have received your

unlock code go ahead and power up your

phone and you have to insert a

non-supported SIM card so just remove

the back part of the phone in the back

case the back cover

and insert a non-supported SIM card and

I mean for example my phone is locked to

AT&T a non-supported SIM card would be

any other GSM SIM card that is not AT&T

so I want to use it with t-mobile so I'm

just going to go ahead and insert my

t-mobile SIM card here it can be any

other SIM card if you don't have one so

and once you have put it in just go

ahead and turn it on and then we'll take

a few seconds until the phone is fully

on then it will detect that you have

inserted a non-supported SIM card and it

will require you to enter the unlock

code and that you receive in your email

so it will not hear you will see that it

will require an unlock code so let's go

ahead and swipe here let's do that again

sim network unlock pin so go ahead and

insert the unlock code that you receive

in your email so in my case I'm going to

serve my personal unlock code five six

one one six eight four four hit done and

once we hit unlock we should get a

success message let's go ahead and hit

unlock network unlock successful perfect

guys the phone is now fully factory

unlocked and ready to be used with any

carrier any GSM carrier worldwide it is

as simple as that guys as you can see

here I have a full bar my phone is fully

working now and it is compatible with

all carriers so that's it guys that's

all for today that's how you perform a

factory unlock on an a sousaphone let me

know in the comment section down below

this method work for you or if you have

any questions I'll try to reply to all

of your comments and thanks for watching

see you guys next time take care