How To Unlock iPhone 5 - Works for all versions

what's up guys in today's video I'm

gonna show you how to unlock an iPhone I

will be using an iPhone 5 from AT&T but

this method will work for the iPhone 4

iPhone 4s 3G 3GS any iPhone out there

and it's a very simple procedure I would

say we take around 5 minutes to get the

whole unlocking process completed and

I'm gonna show you how to do it

step-by-step alright it is very simple

and before we started when to mention

one thing unlocking an iPhone it's not

for free alright unfortunately this is a

factory unlock which means that you will

unlock directly with Apple and you have

to pay for it but trust me guys it is

worth every penny to help you a lot here

iPhone unlock this way so I knew that it

is not that expensive so with that being

said let's begin so in this case I have

an iPhone from AT&T and I recommend you

insert the original SIM card the

original a SIM card from the original

carrier inside for example my phone is

from AT&T and I'm gonna insert a SIM

card from AT&T inside if you don't have

a SIM card don't worry

you can use any other SIM card but just

make sure you have any a SIM card inside

so then the first step to do what we

have to do is you open the phone

application as if you were making a call

and you type in the following command

star pound zero six pound as you can see

here the 15 digit IMEI number will

appear in the screen that is probably

the most important step of the whole

unlocking process so write it down

somewhere or keep it somewhere close

because we're gonna need it later to

generate the unlock service for this

phone ok if you don't get this number by

typing star pound zero six pound just go

to the settings go to general about and

if you scroll down here you will also

see that I am a number so we're gonna

switch back to well in the computer

because the rest of the unlucky process

will take place in a computer so let me

just adjust the camera a little so that

you have a better angle all right there

we go and we go to the website

unlockriver.com in this website we're

going to request the unlock for your

phone so we just need to be

the information of your iphone here so

first you select the original carrier

they currently carrier which is locked

to your phone in this case I have an

iPhone from United States AT&T so I'm

just gonna go ahead here and select AT&T

and the next step is to select the phone

brand uses an Apple phone and then you

select the exact model in this case I

have an iPhone 5 from if you see down

here you will say AT&T so you click on


oh I'm sorry iPhone 5 from AT&T is the

last one and the next step is the most

important one who remember we could de

IMEI number at the beginning of the

video so we're just gonna copy it and

paste it here alright so yeah I already

have it saved so I'm just gonna paste it

here and the next step is to insert the

email address where you want to receive

the unlock confirmation so I'm just

gonna write down here my personal email

and just before you click unlock now you

will see the price for the iPhone

unlocking and delivery time for the

unlock notification so then you click

unlock now and we're gonna be redirected

to the PayPal to them sorry to the check

out and just check everything read

everything here is important and then

you click pay now so as I promised I was

gonna show you exactly the step by step

procedure to unlock your phone so I'm

just gonna make my payment here if you

don't have a PayPal account don't worry

you can use do it with any other credit

card so it will take literally ten

seconds so I'm just gonna wait here and

click pay now and that's about it guys

that's all you have to do for now now is

just wait for a confirmation message and

we should see a thank you alright thank

you your unlock code or you're in luck

services being generated so now all you

have to do is wait for the email to

arrive in your email so I'm gonna show

you the how would the email will look

like so let's just go to my email

count and you will get a confirmation

email just like this if you can see here

it says your iPhone has been factory

unlocked successfully so we're gonna

click and you're gonna open the email

and as you can see here it will tell you

your iPhone has been factory unlocked

these are the instructions and this is

the I mean a number of the phone so

everything from here on has to take

place on iTunes so we're gonna go ahead

and open iTunes okay there we go and

we're just gonna plug in the iPhone and

a wait until the computer recognizes it

okay so it says register I'm gonna

register later it doesn't matter now

we're just gonna give it a little of

time until the phone is recognized by

iTunes and if you have an important

information and you better click back up

now if you don't want to lose any data


so just click there and create a backup

it will take a couple of minutes and

then you're gonna click restore iphone

here so this will wipe your whole data

and it's gonna install the latest

version of the iPhone of the firmware

that is available so this is gonna take

a while so we're just gonna wait here

until they process is completed

I'm gonna leave a camera here and I'm

gonna come back when the iPhone is fully

restored right all right so after the

unlocking is completed you're gonna see

the message your iPhone has been

restored to factory settings and it will

restart right now so we're just gonna

give it a couple of seconds until the

data phone is fully on so let's just

wait for that one to be completed

completely rebooting

and and that should be all guys after

this the phone must be fully unlocked

let's see we get a confirmation message

right now so they just keep it a couple

of minutes until you're arrived from

fully boots so as you can see here is

still searching for the iPhone all right

so I'm just gonna slide to activate the

iPhone let's click English give it a

couple of minutes and you will get

that's it guys you will get a message

exactly just like this congratulations

your iPhone has been unlocked and if you

don't get it don't worry your iPhone

will already be unlocked because it was

directly with Apple and it's as simple

as these guys now you just have to to

continue with the personal password and

Internet and all that all right so

that's about it if you have any

questions guys leave it on the comments

below to just make sure as you can see

here it is already unlocked so yeah if

you have any questions leave it in the

comments below and thank you for

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