(UNLOCK APPLE ID ) Fixed This Apple iD Has Been Locked For Security Reasons (IOS 13 ) LATEST 2020

hello friends this is Bella and you are

watching Bilal Mobile's ryk YouTube

channel today in this video I am going

to teach you how to fix Apple ID lock

your Apple ID has been locked for

security reasons to unlock it you must

verify your identity you should see a

pear on screen unlock account and cancel

so friends how to fix tap on unlock

account unlock enter your trusted phone

number the phone number is tap on next

continue on your other phone other

iPhone can done cannot get your iPhone

tap on done tap on next Apple ID has

been logged for your security reasons

again check tab or unlock

help on next

Tapan cannot get to your iPhone tap on

use trusted phone number you can still

unlock your account taps and code

right code

white Apple ID password

tap on next

ready to unlock after you unlock your

account you can sign in on this iPhone

tap on unlock tap on unlock

your account has been unlocked if you

think some else knows your password you

should change it to keep your account

secure tap on done


you should see a bear on screen Apple ID

is successfully login and unlock Apple

ID so friends if the video is helpful to

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channel thanks for watching