All Android Phones: How to Remove Forgotten Password / Unlock Password / Pin Code / Swipe Code

okay this goes for pretty much all

Android phones okay basically you have

an issue where you cannot unlock your

phone you cannot get into your phone

maybe you forgot your swipe code or your

PIN code or your password or maybe even

your thumbprint is not working I mean

who knows maybe you have a scar or some

kind of cut in sound registering and you

even forgot your your backup PIN number

your backup password as well the only

way around that guys is do a factory

reset and it's actually a hard reset

using a key combination okay and even if

there is a crack to get into your phone

it surely shouldn't be posted on the

internet and you know I mean I remember

back in the day there was a crack for I

think it was the Samsung Galaxy s3 where

if you push like a mergency number and

star 99 it doesn't kind of swipe you

were able to get in but with an update

it was fixed so it's corrected right

away anyways you got to do a factory

reset to get into your phone okay so

hopefully you have some kind of backup

and then if you do the backup you're

able to receive all your data later on

after we do this factory reset okay so

what you want to do first is go ahead

and power off your phone powered off now

I'm going to show you this is Samsung

Galaxy s5 here but most your Android

phones is going to have to do with a

factory reset use the hard keys is going

to require a three key combination okay

most you guys are gonna be able to do

that on your phones okay so once the

phone is powered off there's three

buttons that you want to press and hold

okay is the volume up button the home

button and the power button okay so

press these three buttons press and hold

right now and you want to press and hold

it and you want to continue to hold it

until you see until you see like an

Android guy or you see like blue text on

the top okay okay so now we are in the

Android system recovery menu here and we

want to do here is you want to scroll

down to where it says um wipe data /

factory reset and to scroll down volume

down rockers go up volume up rocker so

we're just going to go down wipe data /

to reset to select it you press the

power button now it's basically asking

you to reconfirm are you sure you want

to delete everything you scroll down use

the volume down rocker go all the way

down to where it says yes delete all

user data so then I'm going to press the

power button to okay it now it says

wiping data formatting data now for some

of you guys okay let me just start off

with here okay so now it's a what's

highlighted it says reboot system now

that's exactly what we want so we're

going to go ahead and press the the

power button to select it now everything

on the phone is going to be wiped out

it's going to be format clean as if I

bought the phone brand-new okay now this

three key combination would work for

most of you guys some of you guys

depending on what phone you have there

may be like a two key combination like

for instance like this HTC phone is a

two key combination where you have to

hold I think it's a volume down button

and a power button and do a couple other

steps before you get into the Android

recovery menu but you can just look on

that on YouTube do you guys have this

three key combination it's not working

for you okay so what I'm doing now is

I'm just waiting for it to format

completely and boot up my computer as if

it was brand new and once my foam boots

up it's going to bring me into the the

welcome screen where I first select my

my language and then from there if you

do have a backup you'll be able to

retrieve all that data going through

your setup process if you don't have a

backup then everything you have is long

gone so I'm just going to go ahead and

fast forward here

okay and there we go here is the welcome

screen and you start off selecting your

language and that's pretty much it any

questions comment below you guys

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thanks bye