How To Unlock Pattern lock on Android

hey what's up guys in today's video i'm

going to show you how to

unlock your phone in case you forget the

screen pattern

so right now this phone is locked by the

pattern as you can see

the thing is if i try to turn off this

phone it's still going to ask

for the code for you know to draw the

pattern and i don't know that

so i'm gonna show you a trick that way

you can turn it off and you can put on

recovery mode that is the only way to

basically format the whole phone to


the screen pattern that's the only way

guys before i start with the process you

need to know that you're gonna lose all

your personal data like contacts

pictures video and all that

if you have a memory card just remove

the memory card from your phone and that

way you're gonna keep all the files that

you have in your memory card

also if you know your google account you

will keep everything you gonna save all

the information that you have in your

google account

alright guys let's go ahead with the



first guys i want you to see this if i

press the power button

power off it still asks for the

password for the panel now guys the

secret to turn off your phone without

asking for the screen pattern you need a

different sim card carrier so i have

this one this is a different company sim


that's all you need to turn off your


look what i'm gonna do let me pull up

the sim card tray

now insert the sim card

put it in and now if you press the power


your phone is gonna turn off you see

i'm gonna ask you for the screen pattern

that's the real secret guys

now remember guys you have to be a


sim card carrier you see so you cannot

use the

sim card from your company have to be a

whole different sim card

from different cameras that your phone

cannot read cannot detect

now what you have to do just press the

power button

and volume up both of them at the same


hold it down until you see this menu

that gonna pop up

let me show you

this menu guys when you see this menu

yours release

both buttons and now you're gonna use

the volume down to go

to these settings wipe data factory


using the volume down then press the

power button

volume down power button and that's how

you remove the screen

pattern from any android phone guys now

press the power button and what you have

to do right now guys you'll set up your

phone all the way up and that's

it you're gonna be able to use your

phone so that's the only way right now

to remove

any screen pattern or pin it no matter

what type of

lock you have on your phone so that's

the only way you have to

factor reset your whole phone like i

said you were gonna lose all your

personal data

if you don't have a memory card if you

don't know your google account

so you will lose everything guys i hope

this video helped you out if you have

any question please let me know

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see you next time