hey what is going on guys I'm gonna show

you how to factory reset your Amazon

Fire HD 8 tablet if you guys forgot your

password okay so I forgot my password

here keep saying wrong pin or if you

setup the password of the say wrong

password so how do we go in factory

reset this now remember once we do the

factory reset everything that is on your

tablet you were saved passwords for

emails your Wi-Fi password your photos

your videos your movies it's all gonna

be erased as if you just bought a brand

new and took it out of the box okay so

what do you do so first thing you got to

do is go ahead and turn your tablet off

so press and hold the power button up

here press and hold and just wait let me

do it again press and hold the power

button here we get this option here now

we're going to go ahead and power off

power it off make sure that the tablet

is off now what we got to do is we're

going to press and hold 2 buttons

simultaneously ok and it's going to be

the power button and volume up okay so

I'm gonna press and hold these two

buttons ready 1 2 3 I'm gonna press and

hold I'm gonna wait till I see the

Amazon logo appear okay now I'm gonna go

ahead and let go and this should bring

us into the Recovery Options menu here

alright perfect now if we look on here

what we want to do is we want to go down

to where it says wipe data / factory

reset now how do we scroll down well

first thing to note is the power button

is to select ok so right now it's on

reboot system now if I tap the power

button it's just going to reboot the

tablet normally ok but I want to go down

to wipe data / factory reset so you can

use the volume rockers up and down to

basically scroll up and down okay so I'm

just going to go to white data / factory

reset you can see there now I'm gonna go

ahead and tap on the power button up

here to confirm it okay so I'm going to

tap on the power button right there and

now I get this option or this uh this

message here wipe all of your data this

cannot be undone it's basically just a

warning so we want to if you want to

proceed you want to go down to yes so

use the volume rocker here go down the

and then to confirm it you want to go

ahead and tap on the power button and

once I tap on the power button

oops I tapped on the power button now we

can see down here it says for formatting

and white data complete Wow there you go

that was pretty fast I didn't have

really much of anything on here anyways

now what we can do is just a reboot

system now so I can simply just go ahead

and tap on the power button right there

now it's going to reboot normally as if

we just bought this brand new took it

out of the box and then we have to go

through the initial setup your English

your language set up your hook it up to

your Wi-Fi put your passwords in and

whatnot so if you guys have any

questions or anything just comment below

all right so I'm still waiting for my

tablet here to boot back up and it's

been about five minutes so far I'm still

waiting here okay so that whole entire

process took about maybe five or six

minutes anyways I'm back here to the

welcome to fire and you guys set up your

language so this is the beginning stages

you have to do that initial set up again

so there you guys go

I'll see you guys on the next one bye