How to reset an AlCatel UNLOCK & How to hard RESET Alcatel one touch or ideal - Free & Easy

hello this is Nick with Nick's computer

fix calm and here's a quick video on how

to reset your Alcatel phone back to

factory defaults it's free and easy okay

let's go ahead and get started here for

those people who might not know where

they factory reset is it basically means

that you are deleting and wiping out

everything the phone back to the way the

phone was when you first opened up the

box and pull the phone out for the first

time so that's what we want to go ahead

and do and in this case this is the

Alcatel ideal and this also works on the

One Touch model as well and this is the

state in which we're trying to get the

phone back to where it says welcome so

I'm gonna go ahead and power this phone

down and touch that and that makes it go

off and there we go now at this point we

can go ahead and do a hard reset which

is the one that I'm going to show you

which is on the side you have your power

button and you have your volume button

you press and hold them both at the same

time and once you do it powers up the

Alcatel phone back up and then it puts

it into the factory reset mode where you

have a selection and as you can see the

first one says reboot system now but

what we want to do is go down to this

one here or let me move back up wipe

data / factory reset and hit the power

button - you know select it and then

we're gonna move it back down again with

the volume button and then hit the power

button and select delete all data all


that's how you go about it and we'll

wait and see what happens here this does

take a few minutes to happen so when you

do this it's not instantaneous and let

me give you a close-up shot here what

it's doing it's saying wiping data


formatting cash now this process all

depends on how many apps you have

installed how much data in pictures you

have it'll take about a minute and

afterwards you have a selection here

that says reboot system and that's what

we're going to do by hitting the power

button there and now it's rebooting and

now from the time that you hit the power

button to make the Alcatel phone reboot

it takes a good three minutes I notice

on this particular phone to actually

come back to the welcome screen and

while that's happening I just want to

let you know that this is a very low

price phone and it's actually a

throwaway phone in my opinion and it's a

18 t go phone which basically you buy it

and you pay as you go but at any rate if

you're in need of accessing your phone

because of whatever reason you can't

remember you PIN number or your password

or whatever this is the way to do a hard

factory reset and put it back to factory

settings whereas when it powers back ORN

you will get the welcome screen and you

will be able to go ahead through the

setup process on the cell phone once

again alright that's the end of this

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