How To Unlock Alcatel - One Touch Pop / Hero / Fierce / etc.

it was up guys in today's video I'm

going to show you how to unlock two

different bones first we're gonna unlock

the huawei phone and it is exactly the

same procedure for any Alcatel phone

okay it is very very simple this method

will work for any country for any

provider and also for any away phone on

Alcatel phone so it is very simple you

will only need your SIM card you can be

a non-accepted sim card your new your

new SIM card you want to use your phone

with you will also need your computer

and your phone of course so it is very

simple I'm going to show you how to do

it step by step after you unlock it you

will be able to use it a worldwide with

any GSM SIM card now before we start I

have to mention unfortunately it is not

possible to unlock these phones for free

we will have to pay a small amount but

trust me guys if you the worth every

penny to have your phone fully unlocked

to use it worldwide alright so with that

said let's begin with video so just make

sure you have your phone ready to to be

worked on turn it on and once it's on

we're going to open the phone

application just as if we were dialing a

call and we will get that email number

so just type start Hadj zero six pound

as you will see here in the screen the

15 digit IMEI number will appear that is

very very important and based on this

number we're going to request the unlock

code to unlock this phone it is a same

procedure for the Alcatel phone star

pound zero six pound and you will get

the IMEI number is exactly the same

procedure alright so we will switch to

the computer to generate the code to of

this phone's right so we will go to the

website unlockriver.com

in this website we will request the

unlock code to to unlock the phones

so first you just need to pull any

information on the right-hand side in

this form we will select first then

really not carrier and country of the

phone in this case I put my phone's on

United States t-mobile so I'm just going

to click down here alright go ahead and

select it and then you select the brand

of your phone you can select Alcatel or

any other in this case we're going to

select awake because that's the point

we're going to lock and then you select

exciting model so that's the exact model

of your phone so in this case is go away

I send a y53

zero alright so the next step is the

most important one here you will need to

enter the 15 digit IMEI number we got at

the beginning of the video so just copy

the visit here just make sure it is 100%


it is very party up next you will have

to write down your personal email where

you want to receive the unlock code and

that's it if you scroll down you will

see an average delivery time and the

price to lock your boat this will vary

depending on your phones brand carrier

and country so we click on lock now in a

file and screen you will see a summary

of your order just make sure everything

is correct here with everything there is

important information and then we will

click pay now pay with PayPal so if you

if you have a PayPal account it is very

very easy if you don't don't worry you

can use any other credit card or it is

very there other options it is very

simple so I do have a PayPal account so

I'm just going to sign in and click

where it says pay now it's going to take

just a couple of seconds

five seconds of most and we should get a

confirmation message as you can see here

it says your payment went to and we

should see a confirmation message here

with the order number so that's it guys

you for now that's all you have to do

and you have to wait until they email

you your unlock code so after a while

you will receive an email just like this

one you can take one day you can take

two days and take one minute two minute

depends as you can see I got this email

from unlock River your unlock code is

ready so we're going to open that email

and you'll see here that you will add

well that the message contains the

instructions step-by-step on how to

enter the unlock code and of course it

includes down here they unlock code to

unlock the phone down under those there

are other lock codes here and that's in

case the first one didn't work you will

need to enter down friscoe so for now

we're going to insert the unlock code

into the phone so I'm going to show you

how to do it so first you power off your

phone completely so we just get up out

click another button here to power up

and then you click resis power up so

once your phone is fully off we will

need to insert the new SIM card you want

to use your phone with so in this case

for example I bought my phone the

original carrier of my phone is t-mobile

in the United States so I'm not going to

need this in card ok as you can see here

this is the original SIM card and I'm

going to need a different SIM card I'm

not accepted sinker in this case I want

to use my phone with a company called

class so I'm gonna insert the new SIM

card in the phone we're gonna put back

the battery under the meantime we're

gonna power on the phone ok we're just

going to put back the case it's going to

take a couple of seconds until the phone

is fully on so we're just gonna put put

back the case here and after one turns

on it will detect that you have inserted

a different SIM card I'm not accept that

SIM card and it will require

a pin or a table code to be able to use

it with another SIM card so we're just

going to give it a couple of few seconds

more until the phone is fully on and

we're going to slide to unlock the

screen and you will see that it will

request the unlock pin seem network

photography so it will ask you to insert

the unlock code so we're going to go

ahead and insert it here five one one

three five nine six seven four six two

three five one eight one so we're going

to click resist done and once we click

the unlock button you will get a

confirmation message network unlock

successful that's it guys

it is as simple as that it is very

simple the phone is now fully unlocked

to use it worldwide with any GSM SIM

card it is the same process for Alcatel

phone for any other Alcatel and Huawei

phone this method will work 100% of the