Alcatel Fierce 4 How To Hard Reset

hello everyone in YouTube this is very

stick and today we're going to do hard

reset for the octal fears for


before we do the Hartree city guys

wanted PR attention about two important

things first you're going to lose all

the information in your phone second you

need to login with the same gmail

account that you already logged n other

than that the phone will ask you to

bypass the Google account with the same

gmail account now you have to have your

phone turned off as I'm doing right now

just go ahead and switch it off so have

the screen off and then technically you

have to use two buns first will be the

power the second will be the volume up

at the same time once you see the

Alcatel logo just go ahead and remove

your finger from the power and keep hold

on the volume down that's going to show

you this together guys so just make sure

you just do the same as I'm doing you

see our kettle just release your finger

from the power and keep hold on the

volume up and there you go so you should

be in this menu we call it recovery mode

so go ahead and navigate through the

volume down and once you highlight the

wipe data/factory set go ahead and click

on power and then go down by selecting

the volume down to yes to confirm the

process and the phone after that will

format and will ask you to boot the

system it could take a while then after

that just go ahead go to the wizard and

do the Google account if you have Google

account and your phone back to the

factory set that was very much it thank

you so much for watching as always I'll

see you in my next one