7zip - How to Download, Install and Use 7zip


hello and welcome in this video I will

show you how to download install and use

7-zip on Windows

I will also briefly explain what 7-zip

is and what I can do okay so the first

step is to open up your favorite browser

and navigate your favorite search engine

and then search for 7-zip now the link

we want is the home page which I'm

showing you here so simply click on the

link and by default on the home page you

were presented with the latest stable

version of 7-zip which at the time of

making this video is 7 sep 18 point 0 1


so briefly what is 7-zip 7-zip is free

open source software basically it's a

program that allows you to archive files

and folders ok it's really nice it's a

very powerful stable and excellent piece

of software ok it uses a 7-zip format

which we don't have to get bogged down

the lzma compression crucially it allows

you to unpack virtually every archive

format you can think of I've just

highlighted them there that includes all

the common archive file formats as well

as for example ISO files which are

images of disks and CDs and DVDs and so

forth also you can create archives of

the 7-zip format as well as the common

zip format and the tar format and gzip

that's use on UNIX systems and Mac OS X

systems it also supports encryption and

I will show you how to encrypt and

decrypt files securely in my next video

ok so we want to download the latest

version we're given a choice of either

32-bit or 64-bit you should download the

version that corresponds with the

version of the Windows operating system

that you are running right now if it's a

32-bit or 64-bit I have a video that

I've already made on a shows you how to

determine whether you're running 32-bit

or 64-bit I'll hopefully put up a link

in this video you can click on that

to view it if you need to find out what

version you're running right now so I'm

running in 64-bit version so I'm gonna

download the 64-bit XE so when I click

download and it's gonna prompt me and

with the file name save this file I'm

gonna say it's click save file perfect

so it's downloaded out to my downloads

folder so I'm going to open up my

windows explorer and there it is in my

downloads folder perfect the next step

is to simply install 7-zip and to do

that we simply double-click on the XE

file so I'm gonna double click and then

I'm given an alert to say do you want to

allow this app from an unknown publisher

to make changes on your device and you

select yes

so I'm now been prompted with a setup

dialog box the destination folder I

would recommend you choose the default

destination folder as it happens I

myself install my software into a folder

called software so I'm going to do that

now but I recommend you accept the

default installation and parameters and

then click install and then click close

great that's it installed so to use

7-zip it's actually really easy by

default when you install 7-zip it is

integrated with the Windows Explorer

such that if I want to archive or 7-zip

a folder I simply have all I have to do

is select a folder and then right-click

over using Windows Explorer and there

will be a menu option available to me

you'll see 7-zip there and within that

we can select several options at the

archive compress an email the tests

folder than 7-zip and so on the easiest

the most common options you will Lou you

will use I suspect will be add to test

folder that 7-zip or add to test folder

dot zip so that zip I suppose is the

most compatible so we'll select that so

it will simply archive the folder into a

dot zip file great so to demonstrate how

to unzip it I just want to delete the

test folder so now to demonstrate on zip

it it's something very similar you

simply right click over the file select

7-zip and then you can choose extract


so by extracting here it will extract

the contents of the archive file and

given that the archive was consists of

actually a folder it will extract a

folder and that's an important point and

let me demonstrate so I go into my test

folder as you can see I've got one file

and a test subfolder so I can select

both of those and say right click 7-zip

and add to test folder that zip and it

creates the archive as we expect it now

if I delete the file in the folder and I

now unzip it is in the same manner 7-zip

extract here it will actually create the

file and the folder in the current

working folder so it's actually a nice

feature so if you act the way you

archive it is the way it will be

extracted by default that's a really

nice feature last but not least I want

to show you some of the options that are

available with 7-zip so let me go out I

think they'll eat that just for a moment

go back out and and as I leave my zip

file here so I can actually again select

the folder right click select 7-zip and

choose add to archive and this is the

option that gives me I suppose the

facility to configure how I'm on my

archive to be am constructed so here we

can specify the name you can choose any

custom name we like we can choose the

archive format there are four different

formats and 7-zip and zip being the most

common we can choose compression level

the Ultra which is really high

compression but very slow to store or

fastest which is very fast and but low

compression there's the different

compression methods I'm not going to go

into them these are relations these

options here are dictionary size word

size and solid block size are related to

the am the compression method that we

use the number of treads this is

excellent a 7-zip is more fully

multi-threaded which means it will make

use of all cores and the data are

installed and you're a physical computer

and the memory available you can choose

to split volumes which means you can

create an archive and have a consists of

multiple files if

example you wanted to back up your

archives onto a CD for example and your

archive your files were like 2 gigabytes

you could split them into files of 650

megabytes as indicated here so it's a

really nice feature and then specialist

parameters for those who are experts in

using 7-zip and you can update mode out

and replace and so forth update and add

synchronize and so forth you can create

self-extracting archives which means you

can actually create an archive and then

give it to someone and in order for them

to own archive it they simply double

click they don't need 7-zip installed

itself and an compressor and so on I

will actually do a video on how to

encrypt because it's a little bit and

peculiar and I want to explain how it

works and I don't want to make this

video too long so what I explain that in

my next video so that's really it um I

suppose one more feature although this

is for Windows I want to show you that

if ever you want to actually take your

archive and use it on a Mac OS X

operating system which I do commonly I

share files between my Windows PC I'm a

Mac OS laptop um you can actually use it

and archive it and extract it using a

file a program should I say called KEK a

on Mac OS so there it is kek a the mac

OS file archiver and the beauty about

this archiver is it will extract 7-zip

precisely because it actually its main

compression core is p 7-zip which is a

seven support so if you like this is the

Mac OS X equivalent okay that's all I

wish to say thank you very much I hope

you liked the video in my next video I

will actually go to in detail how to

properly encrypt using 7-zip