How to open a 7z file?

good day and welcome again to another 8

downloads comm software preview and this

is Chris and today we're going to talk

about how to open a 7-zip file of course

if you have downloaded it 7-zip and you

have 7-zip already in your system you

can open a 7-zip file by simply doing a

right click on a file so right now I

have your 7z folder and what I'm going

to do is I'm going to open it and 7-zip

file manager now I can extract it to

anywhere I want I can go ahead and

extract it to my paper it area by

selecting this folder and making a new

folder so I'll just go ahead and extract

this to a new Drive the mega folder

7-zip test and then I have that folder

already ok and then press ok now this

time 7-zip is extracting the whole

program so just like winrar and Winship

7-zip is a great alternate for you and

let's just wait for it to finish

extracting ok it's almost done now let's

look at the folder so let's go to drive

D and let's look for 7c there you go so

save assets test already extracted the

folder that I had so this is Chris and I

would like to thank everyone for viewing

this video have a great day