How To Unlock iPhone 7 Plus

hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo tech I

wanted to show you how to unlock the

iPhone 7 plus you can see right here

it's the 7 plus in black and I wanted to

show you how you can use it on more than

just whatever carrier you might be

locked to right now I have an AT&T SIM

card in here I need to unlock it so I

can use it on any other GSM carrier

worldwide and in order to do that I need

a little bit of information first I need

what's called the IMEI and you get that

by going to the phone and then go into

the dialer and then you're going to dial

star pound zero six pound and it will

pop up your IMEI code what we'll need to

do is take this code go to a website

that will provide us a method of

unlocking this phone so we can use it

with any other GSM carrier worldwide let

me show you that now I'm at the

unlocking company comm and I've

partnered with them to bring you this

video and show you how you can unlock

your phone now we're going to unlock the

iPhone 7 plus so we need to select our

manufacturer in this case it's Apple and

then we're going to select our model so

we'll scroll down here and you'll see

iPhone 7 plus we'll click unlock now at

this screen we can now select the

country we purchased it from and there's

many different options so it really

doesn't matter where you are for the

most part select the USA carrier and in

this case AT&T and then we'll hit next

at this screen you'll see that we've got

the price to unlock it for this

particular carrier it can vary depending

where you are in the world and who your

carrier is and here we need to enter our

phone's IMEI or serial number the number

we got before on the iphone so let's go

ahead and enter that we'll enter our

name in the delivery email once we have

our information filled in we can click

on order now and you'll see that says

average time is 1 to 15 days it can vary

greatly depending on what carrier and

what country you're in and what phone it

is but once you hit order now you'll

actually get a confirmation and then

whenever the unlock is available it will

email you and let you know it's ready to

be unlocked or that it is unlocked so

let's go ahead and hit order now once

you've paid it'll take 1 to 15 days as

it says here at least on average anyway

and you'll receive a confirmation once


locked so let's take a look at the phone

now that we've gotten our email from the

unlocking company comm letting us know

that the iPhone is unlocked we can now

switch our SIM card so let's go ahead

and turn the phone off now technically

on an iPhone you can pull the SIM card

out without powering it off it's not a

problem but it's always the best

practice to actually turn it off first

so let's go ahead and pop this SIM card

out and you'll see that's an AT&T SIM

card and we'll replace it with a

t-mobile SIM card let's see here now

that the phone has booted back up I

unlocked it and one thing to know is it

says t-mobile right away now one of the

things to know is that if your phone

isn't unlocked and you put in an on AT&T

or whatever your phone is locked to SIM

card it will actually pop up a message

one way to verify that it's unlocked

though or if it's not unlocked like that

is you can simply take your phone plug

it into a lightning adapter plug it into

iTunes and it will pop up with this

message that will let you know that it's


and you're good to go now you can use it

on any GSM carrier worldwide you'll see

it says t-mobile some of the phones vary

a little bit depending on which iPhone 7

plus it is but the AT&T variants and I

believe the other ones as well will work

worldwide at least on GSM anyway so this

particular one is unlocked if you have

any questions or comments let us know in

the comments below I'll leave a link to

the unlocking company comm in the

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like as always thanks for watching this

is Erin I'll see you next time