How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4g - Use your phone with any sim card

hello guys in this video I'm gonna show

you how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S

Blaze 4G so that you can use it with any

GSM SIM card worldwide ok so it's a very

simple procedure you only need your

computer an internet connection

and your phone on hand alright so we're

gonna do it together step by step and

I'm gonna show you how to do it so first

the first thing we're gonna have to do

is turn off all the connections the GPS

the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you go to

applications you go to settings you go

to wireless and network and you turn off

the Wi-Fi settings make sure they're all

off ok so you go back you turn off the

Bluetooth settings as well alright we go

back twice and you go to location

services turn off they turn off the GPS

satellite alright make sure it's turned

off and we're good to go

alright you go to the home screen of the

phone you click the phone icon

and you're gonna type the following

command star pound zero six pound now

the IMEI number of the phone will appear

in the screen that is a very important

number it's unique for every phone so

this exact number is gonna be different

from yours alright so make sure you

write it somewhere or have it somewhere

handy because we're gonna use it later

to generate the unlock code for the

phone okay so for now we're gonna turn

off the phone you click the power button

and you click power off and let's leave

it turn off for now okay so um you go to

the website right now to the website

unlockriver.com so you see here

unlockriver.com in this website we're

gonna generate the unlock code for your

phone for your

Samson okay so first you will need to

fill in information of your phone so

first the first step is to select the

carrier the original carrier and

provider of your phone this is a Korean

company which you're using it right now

so in my case is United States t-mobile

so you scroll down through the whole

menu and you select the company and then

you select the manufacturer is the phone

brand and this is a Samsung phone

alright and then you will have to insert

here the IMEI number that's a very

important step okay so this is IMEI

number we got at the beginning of the

video November so I already have it

saved so I inserted here compared to

your phone make sure it's correct and

because this is very important always

this process will not work so once

you're sure everything is correct you

click the button unlock now okay so

after you click there you're gonna be

redirected to the to checkout to

complete your payment so after you

complete your payment you will receive

an email and just like this we're gonna

go to my email account and I'm gonna

show you the email okay this is it once

you receive it you click on it and

you're gonna see they there the message

with the unlock code your not code is

ready it includes instructions step by

step and the unlock code so I'm gonna

show you how to insert the unlock code

on the phone okay so let's have the

BlackBerry day I'm sorry name this

Samsung and we are gonna insert a SIM

card from another carrier from a

different one from a non-accepted sim

card okay so once you insert it I

already have it inside we're gonna turn

it on and we're gonna wait for the phone

to reboot completely and once it's

reboot we're gonna have to do a series

of steps to insert the unlock code on

the phone okay so let's just give a

little time until it it's fully on

this can take a few seconds okay so and

now we're in the home screen of the

phone and we're gonna unlock it and it's

gonna ask for the enter network lock

control key okay here you will type the

following number five eight five nine

five eight two seven and you click

unlock and it's requesting network

unlock right now the network name

unlock code is being processed and the

network he says unlock successful

network unlock successful okay so as you

can see I inserted a SIM card from Claro

it's a different one from t-mobile and

on the screen you can see here it's an

AT&T Claro and that means the phone is

unlocked successfully because right now

we were able to make calls and that's it

guys it's not too mobile so it's

obviously unlocked so it's it has a to

requires a couple of steps but after all

it's it was not successfully and if you

have any questions you can leave it in

the comments below

thank you