(picking 444) Decoded: BRINKS 4 wheel combination padlock / false gates (quickly, no tools)

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welcome to a very exciting package so

today I received this letter here from

the United States of America sent to me

by William Mankell and inside here we

will find a 4-wheel combination padlock

made by brings ya William bought this

lock himself for himself to to play with

and to try to decode it and he changed

the combination without looking at the

lock but then he didn't get it open


hey Triton different methods but none of

them worked

and so he was so kind to send it to me

for my amusement and to see if I can get

it open

so first let's open the package and then

yeah here it is that's the 4-wheel

combination padlock very nice made by

brings that's the package all right

combo one two three four

so let's try it at first of course it

won't work but just for fun one two

three and four no lock won't open all

right so let's go to work I have a

carabiner here so that I can pull on the

shackle firmly but first I will see how

much resistance these wheels give

without tension and they turn nicely so