[631] Master Lock 875/975 Decoded WITHOUT ANY TOOLS !

this is the lock-picking lawyer and what

i have for you today is a master lock

model 875 combination padlock this is a

relatively new lock only about four

years old I believe and the mechanism in

it is completely different from the

superficially similar master lock model

175 which has been a mainstay of the

product line from master lock for

several decades now this new mechanism

appears to be poised to replace the old

and can already be found in the M 175

the 875 which is this lock and the 975

which is the brass version of the 875

now the 175 has a number of

well-documented design flaws that master

lock seems to have tried to fix in the

875 in order of severity this lock can

be bypassed relatively quickly with a

tool like this in fact it can usually be

done faster than actually dialing the

combination and as you can see that was

pretty darn quick next the lock can be

decoded with this same tool simply by

reaching in between the dial and the

lock body and feeling for the code wheel

on the side and the flat surface on it

the final flaw is that a tool is

required to change the combination and I

see this as a problem because everyone

seems to lose this tool very very

quickly so what did they fix on the 875

most importantly this lock is no longer

by passable I've seen a couple of videos

on YouTube suggesting that it's not by

passable because you can't fit a tool

all the way back into the mechanism and

that's actually inaccurate this lock

couldn't be bypassed even if there was a

huge hole in the side that let you

access every bit of the mechanism let me

show you why that is

now this lock is held together by two

pins one on each side so I took another

one of these locks and I drilled those

pins out when I do that it slides apart

we then have a zinc clamshell on the

inside that's held

together by two rivets so I ground the

heads off of those rivets and after we

do that we should be able to simply open

this up okay let me zoom in on this just

a little bit so you have a slightly

better look at it now if you look at

this mechanism you can see that the only

way for this shackle to be lifted out of

the lock body is for these rollers to

move inward and the only way for these

rollers to move inward is for this fork

to move downwards the only way that can

happen is if all of the true gates on

these code wheels are lined up there's

no way we can manipulate this mechanism

such that it will allow the lock to be

opened without these wheels being in the

proper position so bypassing is

completely out next let's talk about

changing the combination because they

have improved that as well it used to be

as I mentioned that you needed a tool

like this to change the combination on

the 175 this is not required anymore on

the 875 if we look at the bottom of this

shackle you can see there is a canned

mechanism on the bottom of the long end

and that is what actuates the change

function so to change the combination of

this lock all we need to do is dial the

correct combination and right now this

is zero zero zero open the shackle

rotate the shackle 90 degrees to the

number one position we then push the

shackle down rotate it another 90

degrees to the two position and then we

can change the combination to anything

we want I'm gonna change it from all

zeros to all ones then we just reverse

that motion and we have the combination

reset it's very easy and most

importantly it doesn't require any

special tools it's a clear improvement

over the 175 okay now we get to the bad

decoding on the old 175 you could decode

it as I mentioned by use

a tool like this and feeling in between

the lock body and the wheels so you

could define the combination you can do

something very similar on the 875 though

master lock did put a tiny little lip on

the side of the code wheel that I

believe is designed to catch your tool

it works a little bit better on on these

sides right here it does make it a

little bit harder but to be perfectly

honest it's not terribly effective if

you put a tiny little Bend on the tip of

your decoding tool you should be able to

reach in there without too much trouble

but I don't think that makes any

practical difference because there is a

far easier way to decode this lock and

it doesn't require the use of any tools

at all if we take a close look at this

mechanism you can see that the beveled

top of the fork makes it such that if

you pull on the shackle these rollers

are pushed into those beveled edges and

that put just pushes the fork and down

into the code wheels once we bind the

fork on the code wheels we can actually

decode this by feel simply by turning

these wheels master lock tried to

mitigate that problem by adding a whole

bunch of false gates in fact there is

one on every single number here but they

made a large mistake in using false

gates that are much narrower than the

true gates this allows us to very

quickly differentiate between the false

and true gates simply by feel so let me

demonstrate how we would decode this

lock first I already know the

combination so we need to change this

right now it's all ones so we move it to

the change position

um puts pushing this downward so I can't

see and then I'm just gonna scramble

these wheels once they've been scrambled

enough I'm gonna move it back to one

lift it up lock it up and re scramble it

so right now I have a lock with a

combination that I don't know

the only thing you really have to do is

pull down on here and feel how much each

of these wheels turn so let's get each

of these in a in a gate I'm pulling down

there's only a little bit of motion on

each of these wheels once I determine

that I advance each one by one position

and once I find a true gate I'll show

you the difference between the two I

have not found a true gate yet they're

really pretty obvious

okay I found one on number four watch

let me get closer to the camera and then

watch how much that moves that's quite a

bit now compare it to the number three

wheel that only moves just a little bit

okay let's advance the first three again

okay number three we found the true gate

not on two or one

we must there we go we just got it open

two seven nine two is the correct

combination let's do that one more time

that took probably as long as it has

ever taken me to do that okay let's get

each one of these in a gate to start

with and then just start feeling okay

number three I'm sorry wheel number two

is four and it looks like number one is

correct too so eight four let me advance

just the last two wheels

okay looks like I found the correct for

number three so up there we go and we

got it eight four two two so as you can

see this is a very easy lock to decode

frankly I think it's faster to decode

without a tool than it is when you use a

tool so this master lock model 875 is a

mixed bag when you compare it to the

older master lock model 175 on the

positive side the lock can no longer be

bypassed and you no longer need a tool

to change the combination however you

also no longer need a tool to decode the

lock which means that opening this lock

quickly is within the capability of

anyone with a little bit of knowledge

that's all I have for you today if you

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