How to lock pick a 4-digit master lock

it's up YouTube I'm going to give you a

tutorial on how to open a model 175

master four-digit padlock why I choose

such a specific block is because these

things are used freakin everywhere okay

so all you're going to need is the

padlock itself and a feeler gauge which

you can buy from any car store and

bought the smaller zone notice how

there's another siz point zero zero one

five on this metal thin strip you're

going to need point zero zero one five

or a feeler gauge that has point zero

zero two those are the only two sizes

that will fit in these little tracks

between the wheels okay so to prove to

you that this is legitimate and I'm not

I don't know what the number is I'm

cracking up and I'm going to put this

key in and scramble the numbers real

quick I'm not looking at them making it

super random and okay I'm gonna take the

key out and then I'm gonna close this

and scale the numbers again so I'll stay

locked okay um just regarding what these

numbers are I'm going to set them all to

zero let's cuz let's uh start at the

very beginning a very good place to


alright okay so here's how it works

you're gonna stick this thin strip of

metal in between both I mean that little

crack right next to the wheel and it's

not going to go in far every time but

the time it does go in far it means you

find the rock groove but whatever number

you find the groove at isn't the right

number whatever you find the number you

find the groove at you need to take the

wheel down to numbers because that's

where the number is so if I climb the

groove at zero for example that means

the right number is down at eight you

got to be careful because sometimes

there's two different numbers that the

groove is that so if you find two

different numbers where the group is at

go to the lower number and so on let's

just start out you got to stick this in

and oh gosh nothing goes in right the

all the way it is Dogen so that means

zero could potentially be the right

number but we don't know I'm going to

take this down to nine good to make sure

that the groove isn't at nine if the

groove isn't at nine oh it it is okay

and since nine is lower on the wheel

than zero that means that the right

number is seven

because seven is 2.49 okay so let's go

to this next wheel at zero and I'm going

to stick it in and you got you got to

make sure it goes in first because it's

going to feel but the cam is nope okay

I'm going to go to one and it's not a

one going to it's not a two going to

three okay it's on three going for oh

gosh it just douve right in it for okay

that means I think the right number is

at two for number two alright let's go

to the third wheel make sure it goes in

did it's not a zero okay I'm going to

stick it to one um it's not a one okay

bring them to - oh dang I think went all

the way into two okay so that means I

think the right third number is zero

because I found it to two so I'm going

to down now find the fourth number it's

just trial and error with all night on

just digits so I guess this 10 v RZ row

nope not a zero right one not one let's

try to not to try three oh and it opened

right at three there you go and I hope

you have the same success as I do looks

like the number was seven 203 and it

takes some practice and some experience

with knowing where the right grooves are

at and whatnot but you get the basic

idea there we go happy lock hunting